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In 1984 I witnessed a near perfect apocalyptic movie titled "The Terminator". I watched it over and over. When 1991 came along I saw commercials for a sequel titled "Terminator: Judgement Day". Boy was I excited. I coulld not wait to revisit that world again, but it had to be bigger and better. Realizing that Jim Cameron was directing, and remembering how well "Aliens" went over there could be no wrong going on here. Well I was wrong. The first thing that ticked me off was that Arnie was not the big badass. The second thing was this Eddie Furlong kid was ruining the movie for me. I watched it but could not rewatch if for years. Recently I purchased a terminator set of movies and T2 was a part of that. To this day i have not rewatched my copy, but over the years friends of mine would play it loving it; I honestly don't know why.

Fast forward about a decade and ThrowgnCpr comes out with "T2: Hands of Fate". This really is amazing. First off the title intro editing is out of this world. Never have I seen this kind of mastery. Secondly almost everything that was fixed probably should have; and left me really oving how this whole movie turned out. ThrowgnCpr basically saved this movie; the tricks in the parking log: gone. The stupid slang lingo; gone. The thumbs up at the end; gone. Two things that I do question would be the motorcycle jump into the canal, where Arnie is chasing the semi, and the smile being added 2/3rds of the way in. I still don't understand why the bike jump is gone, but seeing Arnie smile when he handles the Gatling(?) gun near the end makes one realize why the smile is added 5 minutes before.

All in all I now can watch a near perfect sequel to the perfect movie. Thank you very much.

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