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(Updated: June 30, 2014)
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i think my problem with this edit lies more to do with the actual film than the edit itself. as with many fanedits i haven't seen the original in a while and I've gotta say i didn't like T2 as much this time around. the action scenes hold up really well but it's the whole terminator been more human that drags the film down. i like in T3 when the terminator just say's that was a different terminator with this film your almost lead to believe that this is the same terminator from the first film. edward furlong acting and the whole bart simpson with attitude really dates the film horribly, also the dialogue isn't always up to scratch. having worked on a terminator edit i feel that film is far superior

the edit doe's cut a lot of crap and while some moments work well others don't. i still feel there was too much of the whole why do humans cry, to the i swear i will not kill anybody moments. the scene in which kyle appears is done really well here as i din't much care for that scene, while i understand the reason for cutting the sarah connors 'how's the knee' part this scene was too noticeable that something had been removed. same too with the 'i need a vacation line'

overall i feel if your gonna keep some of the more cheesier moments from T2 then the thumbs up and hasta la vista baby parts should have been left in. the bar scene is done well, i didn't have too much of a problem with the bad to the bone music. finally the terminator standing on one leg removal is done effectively.

overall it's a entertaining edit but i felt it was lacking in certain areas.

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