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T2 is a really good film (8/10). And, as such, hard to fanedit to be better. And I'm not sure this edit is "better". Certainly as good as the excellent original, but I'm not sure better.
It is different, darker in tone. With cutting the cheese, some of the humanity is gone, perhaps? And some of the levity, although strictly out of character in the original, helps to lighten the film - this edit is very heavy, particularly in the middle where the "teaching the Terminator" has been cut.
However it is worth the price of admission for one scene alone: the bad to the bone. This is how the original SHOULD have been! Yes, it's that good. It straightens out the narrative in the first act, and improves the film drastically.

So, would I recommend it? YES!
Would I never watch the original again and instead replace it with this one? No.
Would I alternate versions? Probably!
Good job, Throw, this was an editing tour-de-force because of THAT scene. Wow.

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