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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
April 4, 2010 @ 10:21 pm

Regarding editing decisions:
The obivous high point to me is the reworking of the bar scene.
No more Bad To The Bone.
I actually liked it in the original but it works ALOT better here.
It would have worked even better if the T1000 doesn’t kill the cop when he arrives. This way, we are more inclined to think that he is a good guy.
The way it is now, they both look like bad guys and we wonder which one worse.

I agree more robo humor could be cut. The standing on one leg scene along with the horse face smile could easily go.
Actually, that whole leg scene is groan worthy, especially where John acts like a douchebag (“are you calling moi a blah blah blah?).
I’d cut some of John’s lines short as well whenever he says stuff like “that’s intense” or “now we have skynet by the balls” and things of that nature.

Cutting the torment that Sarah goes through early on makes her look way too mean when she breaks out. When she beats the crap out of that guy with the broom stick, we actually feel sorry for the guy. Instead, I’d like to be cheering her on since the creep is actually getting what he deserves.

Why cut the motorcycle jump? That was cool…
The T1000 going through John’s room doesn’t really add anything.

I had no issue with the video quality. It seems to me that this issue is way overblown for this edit.
The DVD menu and extras are all impeccable and truly impressive.

Overall, I enjoyed this very much and was well worth the download.
Highly recommended
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