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Let me preface this review by stating Basterds is a perfect movie IMO so cutting anything is doing the overall picture an injustice... BUT with that said I enjoyed this within the scope and narrative of what the entire group was attempting to achieve with this project. I felt it connected the dots perfectly to tell YOUR story - some of it felt slightly rushed but taking in down to 60 minutes is quite the undertaking with this one and was required for adequate pacing.

Music as noted by some others - I'm in agreeance that Psycho Killer (my favorite addition) and Pigs were the two standouts even though you were paying homage to Bowie throughout the edit. I felt some of the music was too overpowering and hurt one specific overall scene for me where others have mentioned two - example of this was the music playing over half the dialogue of the Fassbender/Myers scene making it difficult to hear the conversation before it almost awkwardly cut out - would soften that music cue or remove it all together from that scene.

This was another "episode" that felt like a TV episode with the opening credits - I also enjoyed the Act 1-4 Title cards - The editing was fantastic and I have no constructive criticism as it was cut and flowed telling the story you set out to tell seamlessly removing what you felt was not required....

Bowie/Cobain RIP cards were a nice addition

Great job and another fantastic episode ArtisDead... Another entry that I highly recommend.

I know why it was removed but I selfishly did miss the "That's a BINGO" line lol

Onto Episode 8!!!

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