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Inglourious Basterds is my favorite Tarantino film and, IMO, his masterpiece. Consequently, it can only be diminished in my eyes by excising material. Having said that, I really enjoyed this edit and its focus on the Basterds' story.

The editing is flawless and even in this abbreviated form, the story is engaging and coherent. You get just enough of each set piece to whet your whistle, so to speak, but there are no significant loose ends in the story thread. For my money, the three standout scenes in the original film are the opening scene with Landa on the LaPadite farm, the strudel scene with Landa, Goebbels and Shosanna, and the bar scene with Fassbender. We get plenty of the latter two and a brief callback to the former, which is not essential to the focus of this edit, so you don't miss the rest of that outstanding scene. In fact, trimming the strudel scene made it even more evident that Landa knows exactly who Shosanna is and is merely toying with her like a cat with a mouse.

I enjoyed the vast majority of the new music, all of which is great and almost all of which fits seamlessly into the movie. I can quibble a bit with the way Heroes was used to fade out on Aldo or how Suffragette City lingered (for me) a hair too long beneath Fassbender and Myers for the first portion of their conversation, but those are very small nitpicks. Most of the changes work very well - Fame leading us from the cinema into the strudel scene, Rebel Rebel spinning on the turntable during the bar scene, Changes chuckling behind the epilogue - but Pigs during the finale is a bona fide stroke of genius. It absolutely crushes during the chaos and carnage.

Overall, a stellar job by ArtisDead. Thank you for sharing your work and enhancing my enjoyment of an already great film. Bravo!

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