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First of all, I loved the feeling that I was watching an anthology. The intro, which I’m assuming is in each of the 10 films was really well edited and felt like I was watching the opening of a Tarantino TV show.

The pacing of this was fantastic. I will admit I’ve only seen Inglorious Basterds twice - so I really never even noticed when cuts were happening. I actually like watching fanedits of movies I haven’t seen a bunch of times because sometimes I think it makes us too hard on the editor when we are expecting certain things to happen and then they don’t or are changed.

The music editing was probably my favorite part. The songs chosen were all classics and perfectly fit each scene. I found myself going to YouTube to watch the original scenes to compare the soundtracks because I wasn’t sure if the songs were originally in the movie. They were edited in so seemlessly. Even how they abruptly cut out in certain instances felt like Tarantino himself edited the scenes.

The story - I think the narrative flows very well even in this shortened format. I did remember the opening of the original film being Shosanna as a child hiding in the cabin and I was curious if by not starting the edit with that scene would make her motivations less clear. Then we get to the restaurant scene and ArtIsDead brilliantly does a quick flashback to the opening. The rest of the scene is so well acted that we get the entire backstory without even seeing it.

I liked that even though a lot was cut, the scenes that still needed the time to breathe and get their due time never felt rushed. The restaurant and buildup to the Mexican standoff were still as tense as I remembered them, even though I know a lot was cut.

Fantastic job and this is highly recommended! Now to find the time to watch the other episodes! Bravo!!

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September 12, 2023
Thank you so much for this awesome review, Fox. I didn't create this all by myself. All of Red Apple Crew played a part, especially Wraith and Futon88. If you enjoyed my edit this much, you will be blown away by the other edits. I do hope you find time to watch all of them and review them, as well. Thank you again for your generous review!
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