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(Updated: September 29, 2023)
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I really loved the creativity and sound effects of the opening animation towards the Red Apple Logo and of course the logo itself along with the art style for the David Bowie tribute including the colours for the lettering, The flow and the animation of the cigarette smoke perfectly captured both the physics and vibe of having a good ole smoke not that I smoke but that’s the impression I got from it.

The way you repurposed the opening scene of the theatrical cut as a black and white flashback was an effective use of the non liner narrative and a good way to telegraph to the audience the reason for Shosanna’s fear and anxiety of Hans Landa as it also makes that scene of her brief emotional break down all the more effective emotionally since the repurposed opening and her emotional state after Hans departure happen in a much shorter space of time.

Speaking of timing the use of music throughout the edit was timed nicely with the start of certain scenes and the themes of the varying music choices you used felt thematically appropriate to the scenes that you included them in with a personal favourite of mine being the use of David Bowie’s Changes as Raine…hmm how do I put this…artistically arranges Landa’s face to complete his masterpiece as it gave the moment more iconography and a dark sense of humour.

The fast perspective switching between some of the scenes was an improvement over the theatrical cut such as the switching between the tussle of Shosanna and Zoeller and the scenes outside the projection booth as each builded towards Shosanna’s vengeance from the grave upon the Nazis.

Additionally I really liked the use of text used throughout the film which was not only close to that of Tarantino’s style but the structural placement of each of the narrative acts text serves and could potentially serve as a good indicator for First Time Faneditors of how to do a Five Act Structure or at the very least it could provide a hint to them as to how each acts are expected to be structured within a Fanedit’s five basic structures that eventually tie the whole thing together in a nice neat package.

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September 07, 2023
Aww...Pedantic Contrarian. My very esteemed friend. Thank you so much. You always leave the most insightful and thoughtful reviews. I'm truly humbled by your kind words. I'm so very pleased that you enjoyed my edit enough to take the time to write such a well thought out review.

Please watch the rest of The Tarantino Tales. We all worked together on each other's edits and mine wouldn't be what it is without Red Apple Crew. Thanks again.
1 results - showing 1 - 1