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(Updated: September 25, 2023)
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I'm really impressed at the teamwork between you and greenturnedblue planning this combo out! The timeline must have been really tough to get right and still keep enough threads hanging to resolve in part two, but you pulled it off.

First and foremost, I like that this movie is basically all of the action that was promised to us by the set up in the first half. Moving O-Ren to be the ultimate boss battle makes way more sense in the way of a narrative arc (even though I love the Tarantino mixed-up version).

Speaking of which the subtle edits and added scenes to the "Crazy 88 fight" were really cool. Cutting around all of the music in the build-up to the battle must have been very difficult but you did it seamlessly. I noticed almost all of them because I've seen the movie a million times but they were (again) seamlessly added, and it made it fun seeing new stuff! I loved that it didn't go black and white halfway through.

The soundtrack changes were also very cool. I semi-agree with bionicbob that Bill's death scene's new music didn't vibe with me. I would guess you were removing his "heroic death walk" music and making it more somber and in turn having him die like the angry prick he was instead of a hero walking off to the sunrise. Even still, I'm partial to the original audio.

I absolutely loved how much extra screen time you devoted to Beatrix and BB, almost FOUR FULL MINUTES, which is 1/15th of your edit. I always felt like Tarantino rushed that scene of her finally snuggling her kid for the first time, so I really found it very sweet that after all this trouble she actually stayed with her for hours and tucked her in, and we got to see it.

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