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I'm really impressed at the teamwork between you and Phase3 planning this combo out! The timeline must have been really tough to get right and still keep enough threads hanging to resolve in part two, but you pulled it off.

Setting up O-Ren during the training with Pei Mei was very well done, and I got the strong feeling that O-Ren coming up in the world was happening at the same time chronologically as Beatrix being trained, it helped give an even better time frame than the original.

Cutting three sometimes four parts of the movie together into one alternating sequence was really impressive.

The only thing that felt slightly out of place was flying to Japan, getting the sword from Hanzo, then flying back to kill Vernita using a knife, then next episode going back to Japan. I totally understand WHY it had to happen (because she has her Hanzo sword when she faces down Elle Driver at Budd's trailer) but in real life I don't see her flying to Japan, flying home, and flying back to face O-Ren.

A very very minimal issue, and I'm sure it's one you already thought about, no points docked there.

Also ending it buried alive was a great cliffhanger!

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September 26, 2023
Thank you for your comments! I am glad you enjoyed The Bride's training and O-Ren's backstory being intertwined. At the end of that sequence both were meant to seem equally menacing im really glad that came through. I definitely wanted to keep the anime flashbacks in to show how powerful and scary she is.
Regarding the sequence of getting the Hanzo sword from Japan, and flying back to America, then back to America. Yes I completely understand this is a bit curious. I wanted to have some sort of battle at the end of part 1, but Phase3 and I obviously wanted to save the two best ones for the end of volume 2. Then I was left with the Vernita sequence. And, she also had to fly back to America to get buried. We decided that would be where we end part 1 and pick back up with part 2 very early on. IMO the cliffhanger works great, and Phase3 picks back up perfectly in part 2. Thanks again!
1 results - showing 1 - 1