Superman Reimagined

Superman Reimagined
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278 minutes
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187 minutes
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91 minutes
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I love Richard Donner's "Superman: The Movie" from 1978. In many regards it's IMHO the perfect comic-to-movie adaption, full of unforgettable moments. But it's only half the story, as Donner prepared for Jor-El's nemesis Zod, imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, to get free and challenge Kal-El aka "Superman". That story was then released as "Superman II" by Richard Lester, who took over mid-production because Richard Donner left after tensions with the producers. Lester completed the half-finished "Superman II" and added more campy humou.

In 2006, after years of fan petitions, a Richard Donner cut of "Superman II" was released that was meant to come near to Donner's original vision for the movie.

So with this edit I want to tell a single story of "Superman I" and "Superman II" using the best from Lester's and Donner's cut.
I want to tell a single story of "Superman I" and "Superman II" (using the best from Lester's and Donner's cut).
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Most of the changes are with Superman II, as Superman: The Movie is nearly perfect, still even in the first movie slight changes had to be made so that both would form a single cohesive movie.
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I don't want to spoiler things.
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