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All right, for starters: sorry for having let so much time pass by. Now, I was really trying to look after a version of "Superman II" that could be the right version, not aversion which was good but felt incomplete, or a version finished by another director and furthermore absolutely ignored the feel of completeness that was due, since Richard Donner had planned the second one not as a 'sequel' to the first one, rather the second episode, "Part II", which would have completed his storyline. This was an incredibly well done edit, and really did give a lot of what was needed. I was never a big fan of Superman, but was always willing to sit through the first two films as Richard Donner had intended them. But then "The Richard Donner Cut" made me wish "Superman: The Movie" didn't have the same ending as its sequel. Then, your cut. This really solved many, many of the problems I originally had with both the original cuts, let alone the blank bullets scene, which I would have probably edited differently, to cut out Clark's changing hair, but I don't even know if it would have been possible. The cuts were always seamless, and the film was satisfying. Continue with this!! Go on! And I loved the fact that the ending wasn't recycled!! Congratulations!!!

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