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I had many issues with the theatrical cut - mostly its pacing, the colour palette and a few plot points. A few edits tackled these issues fairly well - for example, TM2YC's An Ideal of Hope fixed the palette issues in a spectacular way, turned the film into an eye candy, as well as resolved the pacing issues. For me, TinyBreadMouse's edit did all that while also fixing the plot points that bothered me.
Pacing - While the TC spent roughly forever on Krypton, in this edit we see just the essential bits that help the story better, I assume that the chronological structure of this edit has prevented the use of these scenes as flashbacks later in the film (a trick used in some edits), but I think this opening works well.
The absence of flashbacks really helps the plot move forward throughout this edit, and especially in the first half of the film. While I liked seeing Clark learn how to master each of his powers, it really slowed the TC and in retrospect diminished my enjoyment of it. So thumbs up on that decision.
Plot Points - I really disliked Jonathan Kent's death in the TC, and didn't feel that Clark momentary guilt really changed anything in the plot. So removing the tornado scene altogether was a wonderful decision.
Another plot point which annoyed me in the TC was the final battle in Metropolis - I felt that Superman should do anything and everything to take the fight elsewhere, and especially to avoid killing Zod. In this edit, however, it was much clearer that Zod would kill everyone and everything if Clark didn't fight him to the death. So well done again.

To summarize - a wonderful second entry in your New DCEU series.

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