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Review by bluman22 — July 22, 2010 @ 5:44 pm

Without a doubt, this will be the Superman II that I watch for years and years to come. It is by far the most satisfying alternative cut to Lester’s Theatrical release. The brilliant transitional edit of the opening credits to the fast chase of Superman trailing the nuclear rocket is worth the price of admission alone. It really grabs the audience and says, “Hey, here’s Superman II. Hang on and enjoy the ride!!” BRAVO, ADIGITALMAN!!
If I am to nitpick, it would only be at two small instances that happen within close proximity. In the Metropolis battle sequence we get Lester’s version of Superman flying to the Daily Planet saying “Would you care to step outside.” I think we all agree that this is the correct choice, being that it is much more rousing and satisfying than “Freedom of the press”. Adigitalman also make the wise choice of keeping Lois’s reaction to Superman standing out the window from the Donner Cut; this helps in keeping all the reaction shots consistent with Donner’s version. My only gripe, is that I feel he should have gone back to the Lester Cut of Superman flying away from The Daily Planet while Zod says, “Come to me son of Jor-El!!” The Donner cut has him fly off the pole from an outside view which uses a music Que that is recycled two to three more times in the battle sequence; it is too redundant. Lester’s version is more exciting when he fly’s away from the perspective of inside the building, in my opinion. Last but not least is the awful looped line from the Donner Cut when Superman says, “I’m not a coward Zod.” The Lester version should have been spliced in to correct this, as it is Chris Reeve actually saying the line and not a fraudulent looped one. This is a tiny, but rather truly annoying mistake that is not adigitalman’s fault, but one that I feel should have been corrected. Overall, a truly satisfying, alternative experience that I would certainly recommend to anyone. This is the Cut to have!! 9/10 Score!!
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