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1980 / 1983 / 1987
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Superman decides to remove all nuclear weapons from the earth, for the sake of world peace. His actions, however, kickstart a chain of events that may leave the world in pieces!

Mashup of Christopher Reeve Superman sequels II, II Donner Cut, III, and IV into one 3-hour film, like a greatest hits package. Inspired by Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman comic storyline.
Serves as a direct follow up to Superman 1978.
Both Lester and Donner scenes of Clark revealing his identity to Lois from Superman II are rejected, in favor of the apartment scene from Superman IV.
Richard Pryor’s character Gus is changed to a cybercriminal scheming with his “friends”, and who also just happens to be a big fan of Superman.
Scenes are rearranged to suggest Nuclear Man causes Superman to turn "Evil" and the Phantom Zone to break.
I never liked the sequels for Christopher Reeve's Superman, including both theatrical and Donner versions of II. However, I recognized the merit of a few good scenes, along with the entertainment value of some laughably bad ones. Rather than watch those movies again, I wanted those favorite scenes collected in just 1 viewing experience. Inspired by Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman, I patched together this edit, cutting out most of the slow, dull, and unfunny parts from the 3 movies, strung together through an outrageous, preposterous plot. I hope you enjoy it.
Other Sources:
None. All footage and audio taken from the original movie sources.
Special Thanks:
INIGHTMARES, ArtIsDead, Zarius, Jrzag42
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Created with iMovie
Cuts and Additions:
Note: Actors become noticeably younger as fan edit progresses.

S2LC - Superman II Lester Cut
S2DC - Superman II Donner Cut
S3 - Superman III
S4 - Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Order of events:
Zod, Ursa, and Non trial trimmed. Krypton explodes, Superman II title screen - S2DC, S2LC
Gus Gorman uses the Vulcan satellite to alter the weather over Colombia - S3
Ross, Vera, and Lorelei (Webster Co.) discuss oil plan on their ski mountain building, when Gus tells them about Superman - S3
Cut: Gus skiing off the building
Gus scans for Kryptonite in space, inadvertently pulls phantom zone closer to Earth – S3, S2DC
In jail, Otis mentions to Lex Luthor that Superman flies north sometimes, trimmed - S2LC
Superman saves chemical factory near Smallville - S3
Cut: Jimmy Olsen
Clark Kent attends his high school reunion and goes bowling with Lana Lang, her son, and her son's friends. Brad is there also - S3
Back at the Daily Planet, the Warfields restructure the company - S4
Cut: Lacy Warfield's interest in Clark
Lenny Luthor drives into the prison quarry and breaks out Lex - S4
Daily Planet staff turns on the TV. The President announces the nuclear arms race is on. School classroom scene - S4
Superman flies to the Fortress of Solitude and consults the memory? of the elder council - S4
Lex and Miss Teschmacher snowmobile to the Fortress of Solitude and learn about the Phantom Zone - S2DC for Jor-El, S2LC for Lara
Clark watches TV in deep thought, transition to Lois Lane handing Jeremy's letter to Clark - S4
Lex and Lenny steal Superman's strand of hair at the museum - S4
Superman attends the United Nations summit, declares the nuclear arms race is off and will throw all nuclear weapons into the sun - S4
Lex meets with weapons manufacturers and plans to kill Superman. Lex and Lenny do science, trimmed. Lex launches experiment to space via missile, removed weather delays - S4
Superman tosses all missiles into the sun. Nuclear Man emerges - S4
Superman lands on the moon to straighten the American flag. Nuclear Man tackles him from behind. Superman vs. Nuclear Man Round 1 moon fight, rearranged and trimmed - S4
Superman and Nuclear Man fight around the world. Superman is infected and defeated by Nuclear Man - S4
Nuclear Man meets Lex and Lenny - S4
Gus and Webster Co. run through oil plan with Gus. Gus demands more money - S3
Cut: Gus asking for another computer. Assume he’s been upgrading the same supercomputer, which I’ll refer to as Brainiac from here on after
Lex takes the profits for himself by threatening his clients with Nuclear Man - S4
Trimmed helicopter scene. Brainiac computer lights up. Gus stops oil rigs and tankers - S3
Olympics - S3
Evil Superman is seduced by Lorelei on the Statue of Liberty. He punches a hole in an oil tanker, and visits Lorelei again - S3
2 men fight for gas at a station. Gus feels remorse - S3
Evil Superman is a jerk at the bar - S3
Modified: Lana and Ricky’s dialogue, since they haven’t met Superman
Superman drops his cape on the Statue of Liberty - S4
Lois quits after Daily Planet releases “Superman Dead” headline and takes Superman's cape. Lois breaks into Clark's apartment and discovers he's Superman. She leaves the cape - S4
Nuclear Man is aroused by Lacy's newspaper photo. He crashes into the Daily Planet and kidnaps Lacy – S4
Perry assures Clark that Lois will be back. Clark runs outside and turns into Superman - S2LC
Superman gets flashbacks to Nuclear Man fight and falls from the sky into a dump - S4, S3
Superman vs. Evil Superman. After defeating Evil Superman, Superman blows the oil spill back into the tanker - S3
Cut: Webster Co. flying to the cave
Superman the video game. Brainiac drains the world's energy. Superman vs. Brainiac - S3
City lights back up - S4
Superman vs. Nuclear Man Round 2. Superman traps Nuclear Man in an elevator - S4
Superman hurls the elevator into space, and it explodes. Phantom Zone breaks - S2LC
Superman makes a corny speech about peace - S4
Kryptonians land on the moon and kill the astronauts. Removed unfunny Houston banter - S2DC
Lois and Clark air out their feelings at the Daily Planet - S2LC
Kryptonians land on a lake. Ursa discovers heat vision - S2LC
Lois and Superman fly to the Fortress of Solitude. Superman recaps his origin, then flies to a rainforest for dinner groceries - S2DC, S2LC
2 cops are stopped by the Kyptonians, trimmed down banter - S2LC, S2DC
Lois and Superman have dinner - S2DC
Kryptonians terrorize Houston, Ohio - S2LC, S2DC
Cut: Zod's telekinetic laser finger
Superman gives up his powers. Lois and Clark have sex - S2DC for Jor-El, S2LC for Lara
Zod interrogates a general - S2DC
Kryptonians desecrate Mt. Rushmore - S2LC
Kryptonians trash the White House in all of its uncut glory - S2DC
Lois and Clark go to a diner. Rocky harasses Lois and beats up Clark. TV broadcasts Zod at the White House. Clark returns to Fortress of Solitude and finds the green crystal. Trimmed truck passing to suggest it picked him up - S2LC
Kal-El's last talk with Jor-El, trimmed - S2DC
Lex visits the White House and tells the Kryptonians about Superman / Kal-El. Daily Planet staff are wondering where Superman is - S2LC
Kryptonians trash the Daily Planet - S2DC
Would you care to step outside? - S2LC
Superman vs. Zod, Ursa, and Non Round 1 in Metropolis - S2DC
Lex tells Kryptonians about the Fortress of Solitude, and they all fly there - S2DC, S2LC
Superman vs. Zod, Ursa, and Non Round 2 Final Fight - S2LC (yes, I kept the cellophane S. Because Family Guy :))
Superman destroys the Fortress of Solitude. Lois and Superman talk - S2DC
Superman teaches Rocky some manners. Superman fixes the White House roof - S2LC
Superman drops Lex back into the prison quarry - S4
End credits for IV, III, and II
Color gradient alterations made to S2LC and S4

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(Updated: April 29, 2023)
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I'm sure many of us have seen Superman and it's sequels quite a few times over the years. I'm pretty certain this edit was supposed to be more serious in tone than comic style, at least from my perspective. I'm seeing it again with a fresh pair of eyes having not seen the sequels for at least 2/3 years and that's good because I'm seeing and remembering as I go along with this edit.

There are some great moments in this edit such as Nuclear Man's demise leading to to the "breakout" of the Phantom Zone and I felt the scenes with Superman becoming bad in Superman III and linking it with the Superman IV scene (of a poorly Clark and an concerned Lois) fitted perfectly. The problem is I still don't think that the original scene in IV is obvious enough to let the audience know that Lois knows Clark's identity. I know there's a hint of Lois knowing something and I'm sure most people on the street would know the whole Clark Kent/Superman storyline generally whether you have read the comics or simply know from trivia. But at least to someone who has never seen the sequels or may have watched Superman for the very first time, they might not have understood. That problem with the scene obviously isn't the editors fault and I think the editor tried with the Lois/Superman relationship, but there's just not a lot of footage to play around with. Later in the film when we approach Superman II, Lois bursts into tears, which the audience just has to accept that she now knows everything. The editor makes it nearly believable, but falls just short of it.

I think around the 1:40:00 mark when Nuclear Man appears and demands to know "where is she?" is a bit problematic. As a viewer I'm thinking, "what's he on about? Didn't he take her earlier in the film?" Nothing is explained. The editor probably would have been better to leave her kidnapping out entirely since we know Nuclear Man is purely out to destroy Superman and doesn't seem to have any other motive than that. I wish Lex Luther's Nephew had kept a bit more quiet too, but mostly small mercies concerning him.

The audio and visuals are all perfectly fine to me. It was very seamlessly put together. Running from Superman IV into Superman II and linking both together under the science fiction elements from Superman's speech was a great idea also.

I'm surprised comic bits such as Superman rebuilding the Great Wall and lowering rescued people to the ground with the (force?) "super stare" are still present since other comic bits are gone. Is Superman mostly indestructible? Yes. Is he a wizard/jedi? No. But massive praise to linking Nuclear Man with turning Superman bad. It is a superb idea and the flashback a bit later on does clarify that to the audience. His death is a bit of a head scratcher, though I'm sure most people could personally forgive that since the original comical death in IV is so bad that it seriously wasn't worth the cheap joke made.

So overall I think this is probably the best way to link the sequels all together into a single edit. I haven't seen nor know of another edit that has done that with all three sequels, so massive congrats to the editor on weaving the narratives throughout, however, I think with a little more trimming we would end up with an even better vision of this, which would then be the best version of some pretty dire sequels.

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(Updated: April 09, 2023)
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Don't come to watch a serious Superman mashup of the later films in the series. But don't stop reading yet. This edit highlights and elevates the pure schlock of the later Superman films. As the editor says: "I patched together... an outrageous, preposterous plot."
As they said, some of the good, or slow, plot elements are cut in order to allow the absurd to rise to the top for all to see, but that is okay. I knew that going in. I enjoyed watching the absurdity of it.
I actually recommend you watch this version as a pair with the fanedit Superman Resurrection. That edit takes all the serious parts of the sequels and puts them together, whereas this edit I am reviewing takes all the goofy elements and puts them together. I honestly think they work well together as a pair viewing. The discussions you could have afterwards comparing and contrasting these two edits that use the same source material in vastly different ways is a testament to how much editors can change it and have it feel completely natural to watch in a new way.

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First, let me say that the video and audio editing, as well as the matching of the footage is superb here. I saw no problem with the technical aspects of the mash-up. And it's a rather bold choice to make "Superman 4" the primary focus of the early story. I have said in the past that fanedits like "Superman: Redeemed" gave way to making 3 and 4 a great intermediary piece that would fit nicely between "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman 2."

I believe the faneditor has set out to do what he wanted and it works on a certain level.

Personally, I think a lot of the really shoddy elements of Superman 4 should have been trimmed, and that comprised my biggest personal issues with this fanedit. Also, there are a lot of competing storylines in this version, so it may be a bit much for the average viewer... makes Spiderman 3 feel simplistic.

There are some really good scenes in Superman 3 and 4. Weaving those into a coherent narrative while discarding the irrelevant, distracting, or outright garbage is a challenge, and I applaud ANY faneditor for taking up the task. I do recommend this fanedit. I think it is full of great ideas. Perhaps this one would work better broken up into "TV Episode" length segments, rather than one full-length movie. Personally, I feel this fanedit is a bit too "all-over-the-place" in its current form.

I know I ranked this lowest on narrative, and part of that reflects the faneditor's own decision to focus on a comic book "feel" and a bit less on narrative structure. There is nothing wrong with that approach, but this seems to vacillate between action and competing plots a bit too freely. There were also plenty of moments where I was thinking, "Ugh... why did you retain that scene?"

Having said that, I do think there are novel approaches in this fanedit that do merit praise. Choosing to keep Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor), but making him a computer hacker all-along can actually work, as evidenced in this story. Using the battle with Nuclear Man as the trigger for the breaking of the Phantom Zone prison can also work. I like this more as an "experimental" work than any real narrative, as it really lacks key structural components to make it fully coherent and logical story-wise.

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