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TV-to-Movie March 11, 2018 4890
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An excellent first edit that does a terrific job of modernising a good but rather dated TV Stephen King adaptation. It's not really possible to fix some of the wooden acting and sub-par special effects but pretty much everything else gets a fresh makeover, score, aspect ratio, titles and sound fx are all brought right up to date. The rescore utilizing the score from the 2017 version is particularly impressive and really gives this old tv movie a more modern feel. The editor also did a great job of tweaking Pennywise's kills to give him a modern agile sense of menace.

Narratively I didn't feel any sense of anything being missed from the half hour or so that was cut from the tv version, I'm not sure how much footage has been moved around to forge this narrative as it's quite a while since I've watched the TV version but if there was a considerable amount it certainly didn't disrupt or disjoint the narrative flow of this new modernised take on things. As I've already said an excellent edit that bodes very well for the editors forthcoming 'Stand' adaptation too.

Oh and whoever thought to call it 'The Cinematic Cut' is a genius! lol

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March 12, 2018
Thank you very much Sinbad. Your feedback during the creation process helped to make this edit what it is.
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