Stephen King's IT: The Cinematic Cut

Stephen King's IT: The Cinematic Cut

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Stephen King's IT: The Cinematic Cut
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Everything You Ever Were Afraid Of
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Seven children find each other as an ancient evil awakens to feed off their fear. They discover that only together can they hope to defeat it.
So I set out to update the existing miniseries and turn it into a single feature without a segmented narrative. Minimize the downtime, and trim back wherever possible. I believe I have succeeded at tightening up the content, masking the special effects that did not hold up very well, and presenting the best possible version of the original content.
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IT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Benjamin Wallfisch)
Special Thanks:
My family, Machiffet, Sinbad, and TheCuddlyNinja for the feedback that helped polish this edit.
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Editing Details:
Used Final Cut Pro X and Pixelmator. Watched the whole miniseries 3 or 4 times, taking notes about what things could be safely cut (that didn't set up or pay off anything later), then went scene-by-scene trimming bad (or badly delivered) dialog, irrelevant or overly heavy-handed moments, and special effects that don't stand up very well.
Cuts and Additions:
- New opening credits.
- Many new musical cues and sound effects throughout.
- Colour-graded the entire film.
- Cropped to 16:9 (and lovingly pan-and-scanned throughout)
- Removed Mike Hanlon's voiceover wherever it occurs.
- New establishing plates for all cities outside Derry.
- Bill & Audra's establishing scene is shortened.
- "Georgie & Pennywise" tightened up.
- Ben's awkward dialog with his date is removed.
- Ben's first encounter with IT tightened.
- Bev & Tom meeting the Japenese businessmen removed.
- Bev's "Call" removed.
- Tom's endless search for champaign is VERY tightened.
- Moved Eddie's 'revelation' from Mr. Keene to immediately after his adult character is established. This makes the payoff later more satisfying.
- Theater (I Was A Teenage Werewolf) scene tightened.
- Removed awkward "men or mice" line.
- Eddie's shower scene re-cut to heighten tension, add franticness, and hide poor visual effects.
- Removed Eddie's chaufer from the train scene. I mean… ugh.
- Adult Richie's establishing shot scaled WAY back because it adds nothing.
- Removed Richie's entire conversation with his agent. It was awful.
- Werewolf scene re-paced.
- Removed intervention of shop owner from the Hanlon/Bowers scene. Doesn't make sense that he would step in when it is later established that adults don't get involved.
- Rock fight scene got new foley, and dialog cuts.
- The daylight-is-fading-and-we-need-to-get-this-in-one-shot super-pan of the now complete Loser's Club changed to standard cuts.
- Bill's "Help Me" speech now 40% more inspirational!
- Adult Stan's "sex maniac" dialog and lingering shots of Perfect Strangers are cut.
- Stan's Mummy encouter added during the phone call with Mike.
- Vic Criss' encounter with the Deadlights tightened
- Deadlights have a custom lighting effect
- Henr*y whitehair is cut
- Eddie's "Battery Acid" is re-timed to make his intervention for Stan seem more "last-minute"
- The "Drain Incident" has been quick-cut to mask the poor effects somewhat without losing the sense of place or understanding what is happening.
- "Stan Found" has been recut for gradual discovery and to remove the total lack of blood in the opening shot.
- "Audra/Greco" moved to right after "Stan Found", but Greco is removed completely, it doesn't set up or pay off anything, so it's cut.
- The various "[Character] Arrives in Derry" scenes have been reordered.
- The "Bill & Mike Ride Silver" montage was cut because, honestly, it feels like filler.
- "Ben Helps Fellow Fat Kid" is cut because it was too convenient, and the new fat kid cannot act. At all.
- "Bev Returns Home": removed close-up of "MARSH" doorbell plate, because it was too obvious. Now it's more subtle, more of a detail that will reward repeat viewings.
- "Bev Returns Home": removed the "You're not real!" exchange by the closed door, makes it feel more like an escape and less like IT just allowed Bev to leave.
- Re-ordered the Library scene between Richie and Pennywise
- Trimmed down the "Dinner Montage" at the Chinese restaurant.
- Removed the image of Pennywise superimposed on the moon during "Wake Up, Henry". It is still implied that he sees Pennywise in the moon, but not shown directly.
- Trimmed the "Fortune Cookie" sequence to tighten it up a bit and mask some of the lesser effects.
- Cut A LOT of Harry Anderson's CLEARLY improvised comedy during the "Calling Stan" sequence.
- Re-cut Bill's re-telling of Stan's "Mummy Encounter" so we ONLY see flashbacks of things that Bill witnessed firsthand.
- Trimmed the part where Mike slams the prop fridge and it pops back open momentarily. That has bugged me since the 90s.
- Trimmed the Clown Dog from "Henry Escapes" and leaves the *how* nebulous, but implies that he used the switchblade given to him by It-as-Belch.
- Removed some of the hokey dialog from "Ben and Bev Kiss", but because of the single tracking shot (there are a LOT of those in this miniseries) I couldn't really do much with the "Why is it so mean?" mini-monologue.
- Bill's "I don't want to be scared anymore" speech is now 30% more inspirational!
- Re-cut the "Pennywise in the vines" monologue to hide the superimposed pennywise. We still see the Losers Club looking at a singular location, but what they actually see is not shown to the viewer.
- HEAVILY re-cut the final fight with IT in it's spider form. Removed almost all wide shots of the spider. Removed MOST of the close-ups. Basically tried to show as little of it as possible. While I think the practical spider looks pretty good, I think it's better to be less explicit, and allow each viewer to fill in the blanks on their own. Let the creature be more personal that way.
- The film now ends when the Losers Club emerge from the cave.
- Custom end credits (expanded from original, using IMDB to credit many more folks who went unrecognized in the original miniseries).

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I watched this with my dad and loved it this is probably my favourite edit on the site and id watch it any day.

No complaints visual editing wise. There are a few audio bits that could be improved there more nitpicks plus its only a first edit and to be my favourite is a big achievement. i enjoyed this so much and i didnt feel i missed anything from what was cut this edit has made me grow as an editor to and i cant wait for your next edit congrats conrad

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An excellent first edit that does a terrific job of modernising a good but rather dated TV Stephen King adaptation. It's not really possible to fix some of the wooden acting and sub-par special effects but pretty much everything else gets a fresh makeover, score, aspect ratio, titles and sound fx are all brought right up to date. The rescore utilizing the score from the 2017 version is particularly impressive and really gives this old tv movie a more modern feel. The editor also did a great job of tweaking Pennywise's kills to give him a modern agile sense of menace.

Narratively I didn't feel any sense of anything being missed from the half hour or so that was cut from the tv version, I'm not sure how much footage has been moved around to forge this narrative as it's quite a while since I've watched the TV version but if there was a considerable amount it certainly didn't disrupt or disjoint the narrative flow of this new modernised take on things. As I've already said an excellent edit that bodes very well for the editors forthcoming 'Stand' adaptation too.

Oh and whoever thought to call it 'The Cinematic Cut' is a genius! lol

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