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FanFix August 21, 2017 21960
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This is a far better edit over the theatrical release. All the visual and audio edits are seamless and I didn't notice anything out of place or missing. The CGI Tarkin and Leia look so much better with the colour correction. The removal of some of the fanservice is much appreciated as its far less distracting.

This edit improves the story and makes the narrative seem tighter. It is a far more enjoyable experience than the theatrical release. However, through no fault of DigModiFicaTion, I'm one of the minority who thought Rogue One was a very average and slightly dull film and though this edit improves it, I still feel the same way. But it feels harsh to mark DigModiFicaTion down for this too much as the edit is certainly aimed at those who enjoyed the original and only wanted a light edit.

Still, this is a very impressive edit for those that enjoyed the original release to begin with.

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