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Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion - A Rogue One Edit
August 21, 2017    
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Fantastic work! The intention to make it more Star Wars-y is accomplished completely. This is downright solid, I have nothing at all to pick at or argue against or dissect and point out. Brilliant entertainment and for sure bumped this up my Best Star Wars Film-list. I could nitpick at a few lines that I felt were a bit too silly/too exposition-y, but they were few and far between.

Clearly a skilled editor, DigModiFicaTion is. Nothing was out of place. Stellar audio and video editing, and the removal of the name cards wasn't noticeable at all. Nothing that was removed was noticeable (which, I know, is the point). Even the removal of R2D2 & friend had me fooled in thinking that I had dreamed their appearance. And whomever the other characters were that you also removed, I didn't exactly miss them. It just seems this edit does everything right and trims the movie to a damn good experience. It was actually exciting and fun to watch Star Wars again.

Highly recommended, and without a doubt a replacement edit.

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Written by digmodification
October 30, 2017
Thanks for the review mrbadcrumble! I'm super glad you enjoyed the edit :) Thanks for your support!
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