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Another great Star Wars edit from DigModiFicaTion. I'm one of those who absolutely loved/love Rogue One.

To keep the review shorter this time, I simply list pros and cons in this review:

+ The added background music works well.
+ All the characters feel even more solid in this fanedit. I also must say that the characters were portrayed amazingly in the original version.
+ No more Bor Gullet.
+ Video/audio quality excellent in this fanedit. Many fanedits sadly fail in this regards.

- I personally liked the original music more when the Star Destroyers were destroyed by the Hammerhead Corvette. I mean, it's the theme song of the movie after all, and simply so amazing. Always brings me memories from the first viewing in the cinema. (I must say that Rogue One was the best movie I ever saw in cinema.)

This fanedit accomplishes nicely in what it was set out to do. It's subtle sure... but it's fine as I think Rogue One doesn't need that much changing in the first place.

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