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This is the first fanedit of Force Awakens I've seen and I got to tell you it's a very good one in almost every way.

To me the original Force Awakens was a really good movie but it had its flaws. After Rogue One was released these flaws stood out more as the movie had a "competitor" now, superior almost in every way (IMHO). DigModiFicaTion went far to fix most of the flaws.

Much of the silly humor is gone now. Unfortunately though some bits I actually liked were gone too like "You're cold". Many might disagree with me but I thought it was very funny, although not very Han Solo-ish (if you compare to original movies). Overall the editor did good job cutting the excessive humor.

Finn as a character is now much more likable. He's not that goofy any longer which is a major improvement. In the original version it seemed the actor/character was trying way too hard which bothered me. Poe is better as well, although the editor lowered his ace pilot status in one particular battle which I thought didn't work out that well. IMO he's supposed to be an ace, hero pilot and should get a heroic score (which is gone now as well) when blowing bad guys out of the sky.

Now, the biggest change is the portration of Kylo Ren. Very good job on this one! The original Kylo Ren wasn't badly portraited. To me he was just a different kind of a bad guy but DigModiFicaTion made him more mature and simply a better villain. The tantrum is gone and him removing the mask only in front of Han Solo simply works better.

R2D2 was handled ok. Not much to say about that.

I was afraid the ending wouldn't work as I loved the original island ending, but to my surprisement it worked out well. A very nice ending indeed. I might still like the original more but this was a very good ending as well. The hologram was a nice addition. Now the pirates and the monster... see, I have already forgotten their names because I always skip that part. I think the editor did some adjustments there which is nice but I personally would have find a way to cut the whole scene, it's just THAT bad.

Overall the editor has done first class job. I might disagree on some changes or cut out some extra dialogue or parts but this fanedit pleases me and I like this more than the original movie. The visual and audio editing was top notch work as well. I can only recommend this one to everyone!

(Sorry for a long review.)

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July 14, 2017
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review spessu. I greatly appreciate your support of this edit. I'm super happy you enjoyed it! :)
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