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(Updated: November 27, 2020)
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HUGE Star Wars fan here. After seeing TFA in theaters I was not overly impressed, but didn't hate it either. A very safe and simple story, but I thought it was a decent launching pad for the rest of the trilogy. After 8 & 9 I grew to despise 7 as much as those two since I didn't feel any payoff as the trilogy went on.

I have watched a few other fan edits of 7 looking for something I can stomach, and this is it. Pairing this film edit with the DonKamillo Anti-Cringe movies to follow actually makes this movie a good watch.

A/V Quality: Perfect to my eyes, didn't notice anything there which gives that area a 10.

Visual Editing: I didn't see anything jarring here either. This is an easy 10, especially due to the Kylo helmet fixes which added a LOT to this movie.

Audio Editing: This would be an area I'd knock down, but only by a little by giving it 9. I think the added Kylo helmet scenes were slightly noticeably different than the original voice effect. I praise the effort and the idea and still am very glad it was included, but in a future version I'd try to refine the effects on Kylo's voice in those few scenes. Aside from that, maybe a few uncomfortable audio spikes but I honestly couldn't say whether or not the original film was like that as well.

Narrative: Vastly improved over the original narrative. Trimming the Rathtar scene works incredibly well, and overall cutting a few of the more cringe-y lines helps the tone overall. The main improvement is definitely the way Kylo was handled though. No longer a petulant child, he is now a menacing figure up until the very end when you see him crack. Kylo was actually pretty terrifying and this edit has a darker tone which helps its narrative a lot. I'd give the narrative a 9 as I have seen edits of moving around the Hosnian Prime destruction to later in the film which I think really works, but the soundtrack additions in this edit do help that scene over the original as well.

Enjoyment: Whereas I would've originally gave TFA a 7/10 in the theater version (before seeing 8 & 9), I would give HttF an 8/10, which earns a 9/10 performance for this edit.

Near perfect and my go-to version of this movie now. Vastly improved over the original, especially in terms of the Kylo story and removing some of the insufferable lines. Could use a little touchup on audio in a few places and perhaps even go farther with the narrative overhaul. Easily the best TFA edit I have ever seen.

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