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(Updated: November 25, 2020)
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Like other reviewers I watched this in the cinema and came away feeling somewhat betrayed. While nothing can ever make these films canonical, this cut has at least made this particular entry more watchable.

Not much could be done about the unremarkable characters, those cringy angled shots of boring Rey towering over a cowardly Fin. The safe narrative which echoes a New Hope is still there but less blatant . But this is a review of the edit, not the source material and until AI improves to the point we can more easily replace entire characters and render new scenes, this is close to as good as it will come for now.

I will reserve a perfect 10/10 score, not because this does not deserve it, but to leave room to see what Don Kamillo may pull off with a definitive Anti-Cringe cut. There is still some cringe I would like to see liberated. Perhaps AI could one day be trained to replace Rey with NausicaƤ? This movie has now gone from mediocre Woke Wars to a semi-decent Star Wars FanFiction. The cut is worthy of praise.

It did everything it set out to do to a superb degree of polish and exceeded the original in every way. It is currently my definitive way of experiencing this first entry into the sequel trilogy. Expressing sincere thanks to DigModiFicaTion, may the force be with you!

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November 25, 2020
Great review!
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