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The Force Awakens was by far my favorite of the Sequel Trilogy, but even my terrible taste in movies (I still think Captain Marvel's a decent movie) can point out the film's faults. This edit really goes the extra mile in alleviating those faults when possible, and softening the blow in cases where the problem is unavoidable. Kylo Ren is far more intimidating, the buildup to his past and face reveal are much better handled, and the added audio cues add some weight to the scenes in question. There was one scene in particular, however, that I don't quite get. In one scene, BB-8 has a moment with R2-D2 that I don't quite understand. Was BB-8 trying to communicate with R2, who was too busy piecing together a map to Luke's whereabouts? I'm not sure. Yes, Rey is still something of a Mary Sue, but I feel this edit manages to make her OP-ness just a little less jarring. Either that, or my suspension of disbelief for sci-fi fantasies is just a little too broad for me to have a valid opinion. Regardless, I recommend that people not only watch this edit, but accept it as their headcanon, because all Disney cares about is Woke Twitter.

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October 03, 2020
Thank you for the review mariosmentor! I wanted to follow up on your comment about BB-8 and R2. Are you referring to the scene when 3P0 puts the usb-thing into the system and it displays the partial map when they first get to the resistance? If so, the addition of R2 here was purely to have him be awake the whole time. He's rotoscoped into the scene simply to eliminate the whole "R2 is asleep". The communication between the two is just chit-chat you could say and BB-8's response is more in response to the fact that the map is incomplete.
1 results - showing 1 - 1