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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Rekindled
March 18, 2019    
(Updated: November 27, 2019)
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- Added deleted scenes do the movie good.
- No Leia Poppins!
- Great fight scenes are as good as ever.
- Canto Bight is cut short. No "horses". No kids. Just in and out.

- Some altered/cut scenes don't work quite as well as the editor would have wanted.
- The Canto Bight "side plot" is still a part of this movie.
- Luke is left as in the original TLJ. A coward. Regressing from his ROTJ self.
- Holdo... Rose... the new characters altogether. Ugh!

Without taking anything away from the editor, The Last Jedi is a bad Star Wars movie. It almost can't be saved, or at minimum, be made better. This editor did really good. He made TLJ viewable. That doesn't mean it's a major improvement, but it's a start. The movie still plays out like the original does. The First Order finds The Resistance, chases them across the galaxy to a remote planet and wipes all of them out but one ship. The casino is still a part of this movie, no matter how much I dislike it. Luke still acts like a coward, Snoke is still a let down, and last but not least, this movie ruined my faith in Disney's Star Wars. In my eyes, this movie is about as good/slightly better than Episode 1... but unlike episode 1, a fan edit seemingly can't save it for me. If anything, I think "The Fallen Knight" might be the best version of this movie. Even if that version cuts it down like Anakin did those younglings. Unless Rise of Skywalker makes the side plot from this movie pay off, there is no reason to ever see it again. All you would need is Rey's story. And the mentioned TFK version provides just that. The choice is yours!

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