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(Updated: November 22, 2021)
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(I edited my review to word my thoughts better.)

Thanks to DonKamillo for sending me a copy of his edit!

(Note: I'm not writing this review to put down DonKamillo at all or to insult him. He seems like a great editor, and I'm looking forward to see whatever else he has in store for the fan editing community.)

After hearing a lot about DonKamillo's Anti Cringe cut, and how it fixed The Last Jedi for a lot of people, I decided to give it a watch.

The video and audio quality and editing is perfect and seamless. 10/10 there.

The narrative, however, is not my favorite.

Yes, the Canto Bight scenes and Finn and Rose's escapades are cut (and for the better), which does fix the narrative some, but this edit does in fact retain Luke being a crotchety old man who's lost all faith in everything, which is something I did not like in the regular film. That being said, I couldn't fully enjoy the edit.

However, like I said, DonKamillo did a brilliant and seamless job editing in general and with cutting out the different stupid and annoying moments. I also liked they he did not have Luke about to kill Ben Solo in his flashback sequence, and I loved the rearranged scene where he moved Leia's "wipe that expression off your face, Threepio" during one of the battles. It fit perfectly like a glove and helps relieve a bit of tension in the scene.

Unfortunately, (and I'm sorry if this offends DonKamillo), I stopped about halfway through, because I lost interest.

All that being said, what DonKamillo set out to do, in regards to cutting out annoying, cringe moments from this movie: great job! I do recommend this edit for those who liked the Last Jedi, but just wanted those issues gone.

However, I don't recommend this edit for anyone who are expecting a complete narrative overhaul.

In regards to stopping about halfway through, I may go back and fully watch this edit. And if my mind changes about anything, I'll make a new review to reflect how I may feel then.

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November 13, 2021
Hey dude do you know where I can watch this edit by any chance? Can you send me the link???
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