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Firstly, I just want to start off by saying, muchísimas gracias Don Kamillo. I didn’t think anything could ever make these travesties watchable for me much less enjoyable. I’m afraid I cannot offer a fair comparison since I have never watched the original source material nor do I wish to. So whatever score I offer for the cut is compared to a D.N.F. of the original.

Besides the fact that the film was highly enjoyable and felt very Star Wars for something so far from cannon. There was nothing really negative quality-wise which stood out to give away that it was a fan edit. Perhaps the part at the end when Kylo confronts Darth Sidious. The audio sounded totally spliced together. I don’t know what the original line was but I assume it was so bad this this desperate attempt on behalf of the editor to spare me from some terrible dialogue was justified. Thank you. I will deduct only one point from sound.

I will be deducting one point from enjoyment for Porg. I’m sure you minimised his appearance, however he still managed to get in the way. Literally and figuratively. Aside from that Holdo did not offend me too much. She just reminded me a bit of a female Tim Cook. I have a feeling you spared me some suffering there, perhaps some insufferable Disney Woke cringe that I shall never know and although I don’t know what it was, thank you!

This is my current definitive way to watch the film and I look forwards to any updates you make in the future. Keep up the great work and may the force be with you!

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