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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Anti-Cringe-Cut
September 09, 2018    
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Just by reading the changes I was sure this would be the go-to edit for this episode, at least until the ep9 is released. And it really delivered. Did you just single handedly make Star Wars fun again?? The Luke/Leia thing will not sit well with the next episode but in the meanwhile we can bathe in the glory that is this cut! I only hope Kylo would have been the trigger man (you know where), I think that could have been accomplished with some tricky editing, looking at the material at hand. I feel like giving a minus for this but I just can't, it's not that big a deal, I can merely hope for an updated edit (please!!). There was some similarly awesome creative editing in place already, like Luke handing the saber back. A Special thank you for editing out Rose condemning the rebels to die by preventing Finn's independence day moment.

This movie really felt like an actual Star Wars movie should. It's got a serious good/bad story and true heroes, mixed with just a bit of amusing moments. It was paced nicely and not filled with overstimulated action. The first order is not an order of idiots anymore but a true menace, etc. This cut is the way it should be right now, this cut should be the official one (+ with Kylo at the trigger), the one that JJ is working the sequel for right now. I wish there will be a continuity edit of ep9 to allow this edit to shine forever. Good job, I think I just became a Star Wars fan again.

Editing/Audio/Video: No visible/audible cuts jumped at me. I got the 10gb+ glorious fatfile for this edit, thank you so very, very much for the much needed bitrate! Looked absolutely glorious on my 65 incher. Now that's how you release a fanedit, ladies and gentlemen; quality for the ages! A perfect 10 from me!

I would, however, enjoy a separate short film from the casino/jail scenes, with the animal escape minimized.

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Thanks for the review mate! I'm planning to do an edit for Ep9 but let's see what JJ does with it first ;)

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