Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker: Anti-Cringe-Cut

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Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker: Anti-Cringe-Cut
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Brief Synopsis:
This cut concludes the story of the Definitive Anti-Cringe Cut of The Last Jedi. It removes plot points that go nowhere, reduces character appearences that do not move the story forward and changes the fates of key characters in the saga, once again providing some surprises for viewers of the original film.
J.J.'s attempt at pleasing everybody resulted in an overloaded mess, that left both fans and critics of the previous installment unsatisfied. This cut attempts to bridge the gap by removing some of the retcons and "twists", reducing the roles of the new character additions, cutting back on the cringe and focusing on a satisfying conclusion for the character arcs of our main heroes (and villains).
Additional Notes:
This edit comes with both a Stereo and 5.1 Surround audio track.
Other Sources:
- Star Wars: The Force Awakens
- Star Wars: The Last Jedi
- Documentary of Skellige Island
- OST for Episode VII, Episode VIII and Episode IX
- Custom Crawl Tutorial by DigModiFicaTion
Special Thanks:
- For all the feedback and love of the Last Jedi ACC fans
- To everybody for their encouragement and constructive criticism in the edit's forum thread
- To my wife for tolerating this obsession of mine
Release Information:
Editing Details:
The following software was used to make this edit:
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Audition
- Blender
- EbSynth
Cuts and Additions:
- Different crawl text
- Leia stays dead
- Luke is still alive.
- Multiple scenes that connect TLJ and TRoS (instead of separating them with all the backpedaling) 
- The Wayfinder is not needed to find Exagol. It's not plugged into ships and is never mentioned throughout the movie. It only appears once as a nameless artifact when Rey grabs it at the Death Star ruins where Kylo destroys it.
- The Emperor's broadcast is heard at the beginning of the movie
- There is no spy in the First Order
- There's no such thing as lightspeed skipping
- The Falcon is not treated like trash (set on fire, crash-landed etc.) 
- Lando is introduced much later
- There's no secret Finn wants to tell Rey
- Appearances and mentions of Knights of Ren are reduced
- There's no force healing
- No "Matrix jump" from Rey
- No invincible Kylo Ren (surviving that crash in the desert unscathed)
- Kylo's ship survives the desert encounter
- Reveal of Chewie being alive comes not right after his "death" but a little later
- Poe is/was not a spice runner
- Zorri's role is reduced to being Babu Frik's assistant/translator
- Poe and Zorri do not know each other before meeting on Kijimi
- No magic coin to get into Star Destroyers
- Poe, Finn and Chewie do not go an a stormtrooper killing spree
- Rey is not related to Palpatine
- Hux is not killed by General Pryde
- There's no hidden mechanism in the dagger
- Jannah's role is reduced. Finn and her do not bond over exchanging old First Order stories
- Rey has not magically learned how to steer skimmers through storms. She is taken to the Death Star ruins by Jannah
- Instead of Leia calling out to Kylo on the Death Star, Luke is
- Kylo dies on the Death Star
- Luke and Leia didn't know anything about Rey's heritage
- R2D2 does not restore C3PO's memory
- There's no ground invasion (aka horses on a space ship) in the battle of Exagol
- The Emperor does not change his mind back and forth on how to deal with Rey
- Rey does not die after her battle with the Emperor
- Different lightsaber colors for Leia and Rey (the one she made herself)
CUTS (Details):
- Kylo murdering random people on a random planet and finding the Wayfinder there
- The whole scene with Kylo and the Emperor (moved to my Definitive ACC of TLJ)
- Boolio mentioning Leia and a spy in the First Order
- Light-speed skipping
- Rey's "Be with me" moment and talking to Leia
- Kylo touching Vader's mask (moved to TLJ DACC)
- Millenium Falcon being on fire from all the light-speed skipping
- An extra shouting "We need a fire crew in the back!" as Rey approaches the Falcon for the first time 
- Rey and Poe bickering and talking about spies and light-speed skipping
- Poe mentioning the spy and delivering quality dialogue like "Somehow Palpatine returned"
- Charlie/Merry talking about dark science and Sith cloning
- Rey looking at Leia
- Poe talking to Leia about Palpatine's return
- Rey talking to Leia about the Wayfinder
- Rey telling Poe he was right before (as the bickering scene was cut)
- Rose's excuse to not be in the movie
- Rey saying good bye to Leia
- Storm Troopers mentioning the Knights of Ren
- Kylo's goons analyzing the origin of the necklace
- Lando shooting the stormtrooper and the rest of his scene in the desert 
- Everybody forgetting that "They fly now"
- Finn's "Rey I never told you..." moment
- Leia getting informed of the raid on the desert festival
- Rey asking Finn what he wanted to tell her
- Finn mentioning the shifty stuff Poe's been doing
- Crew mentioning Occhi in the desert
- All mentions of the Wayfinder in the cave.
- Rey force healing the serpant
- Knights of Ren standing on a rock doing nothing
- Rey's Matrix jump
- Hux informing General Pryde that they've made a valuable prisoner and (early) reveal that Chewie is alive
- Finn mentioning that the dagger had the location of the Wayfinder on it while discussing with the others what to do next. 
- Confrontation/Fight with Zorri Bliss and "reveal" that Poe was a spice runner
- Zorri leading them to the underground blacksmith.
- Finn teasing Poe because he was a spice runner
- Zorri leading them into the backroom of the underground club
- Zorri asking Poe who he's hanging out with that speaks Sith
- Roof scene with Zorri and Poe
- C3PO mentioning the Wayfinder in the translated message, and also saying that the dagger will show the spot
- Poe saying good bye to Zorri and her giving him the magic open-sesame-coin
- Poe inserting the magic coin in Occhi's ship
- Poe and Finn mowing down hords of storm troopers while escaping with Chewie without using any cover
- Poe, Finn and Chewie getting captured
- Poe and Finn being brought in front of General Pryde and sent away to be executed
- Kylo's saying "I can't tell you" to Rey after he asks her if she knows why the Emperor wants her dead and she answers "No"
- Execution scene and Poe, Finn and Chewie finding out that Hux is the spy
- Hux freeing Poe, Finn and Chewie and telling Finn to shoot him in the leg
- Kylo telling Rey that she's Palpatine's granddaughter and talking about their family tree
- General Pryde shooting Hux for being the spy
- Rey saying "All that matters is The Wayfinder" and Finn responding "That's what we're doing"... (some quality dialogue right there)
- Poe crashing the Falcon (again) before our heroes approach the ruins of the Death Star
- Rey discovering the dagger's "hidden mechanism" and finding the specific spot she has to go to
- Jannah telling our heroes that she can take them to the wreck the next day
- Poe talking about fixing the Falcon
- Everybody fixing up the Falcon and Finn and Jannah exchanging First Order stories
- Everybody discovering that Rey took the skimmer
- Rey steering the skimmer
- Finn and Poe getting in a fight for no reason
- Jannah telling Finn that there's another skimmer
- Rey fighting Dark Rey and Dark Rey showing her teeth "Bilbo style".
- Kylo mentioning Leia in front of Rey 
- Maz telling us how Leia is preparing to die
- Leia calling out for Kylo
- Leia dying
- Rey healing Kylo
- Everybody standing around Leia
- Poe and Finn returning to speak to the General, just to learn that she's dead
- Emperor mentioning the princess of Alderaan crossing him
- Rose mentioning to Poe that Leia made him acting General
- Rey throwing her lightsaber and Luke catching it
- Luke asking Rey what she's doing here
- Luke saying that he was wrong and that fear kept him on the island
- Luke revealing that he knew Rey was a Palpatine all along and that Leia knew too
- Luke and Rey talking about Leia training her
- Luke talking to Rey that there are some things stronger than blood referring to her connection to Palpatine
- Luke saying "A thousand generations live in you now" to Rey
- Rey saying that she can't get to Exagol because she doesn't have the Wayfinder
- Rey taking out the other Wayfinder from Kylo's ship
- R2D2 restoring C3PO's memory
- Wayfinder being plugged into Luke's X-wing while Rey flies to Exagol
- Finn mentioning a ground team when discussing the battle plan
- Every shot showing/referring to the ground battle on Exagol (there's a bunch of them)
- Palpatine saying that he waited for his grandchild to come home
- Palpatine calling Rey "Empress Palpatine"
- Palpatine talking about it being Rey's birth right to rule because they share the same blood
- Palpatine saying that he wants Rey to kill him because his spirit will pass into her and they'll be one
- Jannah telling Finn that she'll stay with him on the ground
- Emperor telling Rey that with her hatred she will take his life
- Emperor saying that the only Family Rey has, is him
- Emperor telling Rey to strike him down
- Ground troops fighting during Emperor's speech to Rey
- Poe saying "Call off the ground invasion" during the battle on Exagol
- Kylo arriving at Exagol to help Rey
- Finn trying to sacrifice himself for no reason (again)
- Kylo fighting the knights of Ren
- Kylo coming to Rey's aid against the Emperor's guards
- Kylo going to Rey and both facing the Emperor together
- Emperor mentioning the dyad of the force (as there isn't one anymore)
- Finn shouting at Lando from the ground that he knew he'll come through
- Zorri calling Poe spice runner during the final battle
- Kylo lying on the ground next to Rey
- Emperor throwing Kylo in a pit
- Finn plugging in a cable which makes the Star Destroyer destroy itself
- Rose telling Poe that Finn is still on the command ship, while it's going up in flames
- Lando saving Finn and Jannah
- Rey dying
- Finn sensing that Rey died
- Kylo getting out of the pit and force healing Rey
- Reylo Kiss and Kylo dying
- Maz giving Chewie the medal
- JJ's LBGTQ pandering
- Creepy Lando/Jannah scene
- New Crawl Text explaining Luke's absence from most of the movie and making Poe the new General
- Mask repair scene moved to beginning with Emperor's broadcast (and new music) 
- While training in the beginning of the movie, Rey has only visions related to her
- Kylo's dialogue in the briefing room changes from mentioning a treacherous spy among them to an unknown traitor sending a message to the resistance
- C3PO's dialogue in the cave changes. The dagger inscription show's not the way to the Wayfinder but is a clue Luke was looking for
- Rey communicates with the serpant through the force, remembering Luke's first lesson in TLJ
- The light coming from outside the cave has a warmer color
- Kylo's ship is not destroyed by Rey in the desert. It's parked in the background as he approaches her.
- Poe leads our heroes to Babu Frik instead of Zorri
- Added "Dark Rey" flashback as Kylo is telling Rey that she has the same powers as the Emperor
- Instead of fighting "Dark Rey", the scene plays out creepier. Dark Rey just talks to her and moves to strike and Rey, startled by the encounter, moves back and falls to the ground
- Kylo's line to Rey on the Death Star changes from "You wanted to prove to Leia that you're a Jedi but you're something else" to "You wanted to prove that you're a Jedi..."
- Instead of Leia calling out to Kylo, he is distracted by Luke, who apologizes for failing him
- Luke is shocked when Rey stabs Kylo. After stabbing him, she remembers how Luke warned her (in TLJ) that saving Ben will not go as she thinks. She leaves Kylo to his fate, running away in tears.
- Moved scene where the Emperor talks to General Pryde before Kylo's scene with Han
- Kylo is redeemed and becomes one with the force after his father asks him to come home
- Luke is not a force ghost anymore ^^
- Luke does not appear to Rey from out of the fire but comes down the steps. He stares at Rey, still a bit shocked from what she did. When Rey sees him, she looks down in shame.
- Different color for Leia's lightsaber when we see her train with Luke
- Rey is not holding the other Wayfinder in her hand while she watches Luke raise his X-Wing. Instead we can assume, that either he told her how to get to Exagol or the location is saved in the ship's system
- Instead of calling Rey "Empress Palpatine", the Emperor just calls her "Empress" daring her to come to the dark side
- The Emperor's line changes from "She will strike me down and pledge herself as a Sith" to just "She will pledge herself as a Sith"
- Inserted memories of the dead (Han, Leia, Kylo) from TFA and TLJ  while Rey is thinking of what to do
- Added a line for Rey that she refuses to take part in the ritual
- Added shot of Lando saying "Come on Chewie" right after we see the Falcon arrive at Exagol, instead of him just laughing
- Instead of saying "Zorri, you made it" Poe just says "you made it" referring to Babu Frik
- Different color for Leia's lightsaber when Rey uses both sabers against the Emperor
- Added scene where after Rey defeats the Emperor, she senses Luke becoming one with the force (re-purposed ending from TLJ ACC). 
- Leia's body disappears after Luke becomes on with the force. Their bond was so strong that she couldn't "leave" without him.
- Rey's lightsaber staff has a different color
Cover art by DonKamillo (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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Overall rating
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I watched this back to back yesterday with the anti-cringe cut of TLJ, even though it was really late and I actually wanted to go to bed.
And considering how much I didn't like the original "Rise of Skywalker", this is quite the compliment for this fanedit.

It's still not a good movie, but it's far better than the original. Palpatine has been reduced to a minimum (I was kinda hoping for him to be removed completely and having him only as a mysterious voice, even though I know it's pretty much impossible.), Skywalker lives (even though he's a bit translucent every now and then. ;)) and then there were some other surprises that I really liked.

Great job.! This will be my go-to-version of the movie.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Great job all around, really enjoyed the edit!

User Review

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Overall rating
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After watching this edit of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," I am pleased to say that many of the issues I had with the original film were addressed.

First and foremost, Palpatine's resurrection was completely removed, and the film's focus was shifted to the conflict between Kylo Ren and Rey. This change allowed for a more cohesive and focused narrative, without the need for convoluted explanations for Palpatine's survival.

Additionally, the forced kiss between Rey and Kylo Ren was removed, which felt out of place and unnecessary in the original film.

The fan edit also removed some of the more confusing and poorly explained Force powers, such as healing and Force teleportation. This helped to simplify the film's narrative and made the use of the Force more consistent with previous films in the franchise.

Furthermore, the fan edit gave Finn and Poe Dameron more screen time and a greater role in the film's plot. These characters were underused and mishandled in the original film, so it was refreshing to see them given more attention and development in the fan edit.

Finally, the fan edit improved the pacing and flow of the film's plot, making it feel more cohesive and satisfying. The loose ends from the previous two films were tied up in a way that felt organic and satisfying, without the rushed and disjointed feeling of the original film.

Overall, the fan edit of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" addressed many of the issues I had with the original film, resulting in a more focused, cohesive, and satisfying viewing experience.

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(Updated: January 17, 2023)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I'll give credit where it's due. Like TLJ ACC, it's a massive step up in quality from the original, which (like many) I utterly despised. And I give major props to the editor for trying some ambitious changes to the original. Unfortunately, in some cases, it seems like the editor's reach may have exceeded their grasp.

First things first, the technical for the most part is top notch, and most of the edits are seamless as they were in the first fanedit. But there are some issues that stand out. The Kylo Ren parked fighter looks totally unconvincing, especially since the black smoke is still rising right behind it. The flashback to Luke and Rey's discussion when Kylo is dying is a really good idea, but the sound clashes with the sound in the present scene. I think a silent flashback to the same scene, possibly supplemented with other scenes of them connecting in TLJ, would have achieved the same effect and fit more naturally. Speaking of, it's still painfully apparent that Luke is a Force Ghost during his talk with Rey, and the edits of him coming to talk to Rey stick out like a sore thumb for how unconvincing it is; in fairness, that's mostly because the editing for the most part is really high quality, but even so it just feels unnatural.

As far as the movie watching experience, it was okay. Granted, again, that's a huge improvement from "I wanna throw a copy of this movie into the sun". It had a fast pace that cut out all of the pointless scenes and allowed it to be really entertaining for the most part. I actually wound up enjoying the character interactions between the main trio far more in this edit. Unlike the first two movies, this edit allowed them to actually shine not just as individuals, but also as a team the same way Luke, Han and Leia did.. It really felt like they were the close friends/found family the movie was insisting they were, and made their "curtain call" after the final battle far more satisfying. Also, Kylo Ren's new death is a massive change that works in the edit's favor, and I love that it forgoes the painfully predictable route of him getting a last minute redemption, and instead shows him finally letting go of his anger and finding peace in death.

With that said, the story is dragged down by things that simply don't make sense. The first is Palpatine being the ultimate villain; it never should have happened, it makes absolutely no sense, and it takes away the feeling of victory of the end. After all, if he came back once, who's to say he won't come back again? Granted, this is in no way the editor's fault, and there's really no way around it short of a full reshoot. And moving the reveal to the end of TLJ does at least help make it seem a bit more natural part of the story. However, there are other story decisions the editor made that also don't make sense.

The biggest is Luke hunting for Exegol/Palpatine. He's leaving notes on his search for Rey, but where is he leaving these notes? They said his trail went cold on that desert planet, but then it turns out he's just hanging out on Ahch-To for some reason? Why is his X-Wing all of a sudden in the water if he's been searching for Exegol across the galaxy? And then when Rey shows up, she now knows the way to Exegol, so did Luke figure it out? If he did, why didn't he tell the Resistance? And if he doesn't, how did Rey figure it out? It can't be from Ren's fighter since she just destroyed it. Then there's Leia's body being kept since her death. I get the idea is she becomes one with the Force when Luke does, and it is a nice moment, but since she died in TLJ ACC, has the Resistance just spent months or a year carrying her body around everywhere until it just ups and vanishes? Also, why does Luke die at the end? In the TLJ it seems at least he died from the exertion of projecting himself, here he just up and dies as soon as the Emperor does. Like "Well, my work is done, guess I'll die now." It would have made a lot more sense if the reason he stayed behind was to channel all of his power into Rey, which would also help explain why she's channeling all of the Jedi, and the exertion of that was what killed Luke.

I still enjoyed the edit. In the end, this edit, along with TFA and TLJ ACC, does form a decent trilogy with a far more focused story arc than the "canon" sequel trilogy. It highlights the strength of the story and its characters. It's clear a lot of work went into these edits, and for the most part they work rather well.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Very enjoyable, Delivered on its promise and removed, the elements holding it back.
A huge improvement, on the source material. Helping to make the series very watchable again.
Thank you.

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Top 500 Reviewer 19 reviews
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