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Star Wars: Episode II - The Approaching Storm
February 13, 2014    
(Updated: May 13, 2014)
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This was a weird case for me as I remember despising this film as a kid (a kid who loved Episode I mind you). I think that I've only seen it twice before watching Hals edit and both times it felt like a chore, so i was in no way looking forward to seeing this movie. But ALAS! Hal hath worked his magic on this film and turned it into something actually somewhat enjoyable!

The video quality is fantastic overall! All HD and pretty, but with less pretty deleted scenes added. You honestly don't notice as the scenes themselves add so much to the movie that you just don't care to pay attention.

Audio is also very very top notch!

Assassination story line makes sense and for once I actually understand whats going on with the whole political side of things!

I really can't think of any gripes with this edit. You took out all the stupid comic relief and made a more moody, interesting film that I would've loved to see back in 2002!

This is undeniably my go-to cut of Episode II and if you're curious then don't even think twice about viewing this film!

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