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This is the first fan edit that I can enjoy on this page, I'm really happy to have seen it, I'm surprised, I never imagined seeing episode 2 turned into a good movie, Hal's work is impressive, all the changes made improve the movie on so many levels from the pacing of the movie to anakin and padmé's relationship their relationship couldn't be better it cuts out all the cringe and awkward scenes and leaves the best of them to the point where it makes it a good relationship the part Anakin's mom is also very well shorter and straight to the point, the fight in Geonosis is also excellent, the unnecessary comedy has been completely removed, and the movie gets a better tone in my opinion, the added deleted scenes are very good, the scene of Padmé in the senate raises the political conflict of the film much better, the scene with Padmé's family also quite liked a better addition than "I don't like the arena", and As for the quality of the edit, I have nothing to say, it's just perfect, the deleted scenes are perfectly colored and have incredible quality, the cuts are perfect and imperceptible, a GREAT JOB highly recommended

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