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Don't think for a second that my less-than-perfect score means that this edit is not the ONLY version of this movie you should watch. The Approaching Storm makes it clear, in my eyes, that AOTC had the potential to be one of the best Star Wars films ever made. Bummer it turned out the way it did.
Audio/visual quality gets a 9/10 for the integration of deleted scenes. They are essential to improving the narrative but when compared to the original (which is what the review process asks of me) it's a noticeable quality dip.
Visual editing is a 10/10. Flawless, if you ask me.
Audio editing, however, loses a point and gets a 9/10 for the music cue used during Anakin and Padmé's first kiss. My wife, who is watching these edits with me and spends more time looking at her phone than the TV, said "oh, that was weird. It was obviously cut short." Normally she can't tell the difference between puppet Yoda and CGI Yoda, so for her to notice this audio edit means I have to take note of it ;) Perhaps a slower, less dramatic piece of music could fill that moment and make the transition less jarring.
The Narrative is an easy 10/10. You can finally see what Lucas was going for.
Finally, Enjoyment. It gets an 8/10 because, damn, this movie is now officially "good." Compared to the original it's a 10 but as a film, it still has its moments that prevent it from achieving greatness.

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