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So... I've always had a soft spot for AotC. It's just a movie that entertain me a lot. What I didn't know before watching Hal's edit, however, is how much more I could enjoy myself while watching it.

We start off with an infinitely better opening crawl, making the political trama much clearer and easier to understand. Hal also added a very powerful deleted scene of Padme addressing the Senate, which I now think is fundamental to this movie, the scene alone already making watching this fanedit worth it.

The relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin is also vastly improved. We still get to see that they're somewhat antagonistic towards one another because they're relationship is probably quite worn out, but we don't get too much bickering because heck, they're good friends.

Only gripe I have with this fanedit is the deletion of Dex's Diner Scene. I'm probably the only one with this complaint, but I just like seeing how Obi-Wan's friends with all kinds of people, I also like how it adds to the "Detective Obi-Wan" part of the plot, and I like it as world building too, making Coruscant feel more real. It's also somewhat of a callback to American Graffiti, so much appreciated.

The romance subplot is masterfully improved, making it as close to 100% believable that they'd fall in love as possible.

I really wouldn't change almost anything with this. Just really well done. Definitely recommend.

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