Star Wars - Episode II: Attack Of The Clones: Reborn

Star Wars - Episode II: Attack Of The Clones: Reborn
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Brief Synopsis:
After 10 years it's about time I could watch the Star Wars Prequel trilogy without feeling physical pain! But not just that, they should be out and out pleasures to watch!

...and so the idea for 'Star Wars:Reborn' arrived.
My goal with these edits was to create versions of the PT that were to put it simply 'enjoyable to watch'. I wanted to make good versions of these films that still felt like the same films in essence. The watch word is CHARACTER!

Other great edits streamline the films down to 90 mins but for me a true SW film should give you around 2 solid hrs of entertainment (And not 2.5hrs either!). So I've made sure you'll enjoy spending these 2 hours in this universe.
Additional Notes:
I've achieved this by:- Trimming action scenes to increase pace. Reworking all major Lightsaber duels. Evaluating and then editing every line of dialogue that I felt didn't work. Adding a few OT music queues. Adding portions of most but not all deleted scenes back in. Removing over-the-top CGI shots and Digi-Doubles and changing characters to be likeable and believable. Of my 3 'Reborn' edits AOTC required the most editing to put it right. TPM:R had more changes (Well over 300) but alot of those were subtitle or audio changes, AOTC's 279 changes are almost all edits to the actual footage. It's not just that the editing was bad from an acting/dialogue, story and character point of view, it's that the pacing was all over the place and the scenes were badly constructed (Especially the action scenes). This edit clocks in at just over 2 hours, 27 minutes shorter than the theatrical cut, despite re-introducing an extra 6 minutes of deleted material. As with all three of these edits I've kept 'Improving Character' as my primary goal over other considerations. In the theatrical cut Anakin was an annoying and petulant kid who was constantly arguing with his hated mentor Obi-Wan before turning his dislike towards Padme. They then have a series of bitter rows that somehow culminates in them falling in love. But in this cut Anakin is likeable yet fallable, he has a friendly rivalry with Obi-Wan and his romance with Padme grows naturally accross the length of the picture (Oh and I also implied through editing that they "Get jiggy with it" one night on Naboo). Padme herself is now a powerful and important Senator, so much so, that much of the plot revolves around her and the Army-creation-act she opposes. Also Jar-Jar's role is minimised and rewritten while young Boba is a silent angry kid, much like his father and the man-of-few-words that he will grow up to be. So sit back Popcorn in hand and prepare to actually enjoy AOTC! unlikely as that sounds.
Other Sources:
Attack Of The Clones DVD Bonus Disc
Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-Ray Bonus Disc
Attack Of The Clones CD Soundtrack
Return Of The Jedi CD Soundtrack
GOUT Return Of The Jedi DVD
Special Thanks:
Thanks to all those that have contributed to the 'Star Wars:Reborn' threads on and
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Special Features
'Deleted Material' compilations and 'Alternate Sequences' are available on my Vimeo page at

Release format - 6.53 GB *.m2ts file (Blu-Ray to follow in the future)
Editing Details:
I was excited by reading Adywan's plans for the SW:PT trilogy on the Revisited website and knew this would be years in the making. So I decided to try and fix them for myself.

I felt the problem with the PT was "Likeability". If you liked the characters, liked the scenes and liked the dialogue you shouldn't need to chop the films down to 90 mins or less. Because you'll want to spend the full standard SW 2 hours in this world just like the OT. In this edit I've trimmed bad dialogue and acting throughout, recut, condensed or removed scenes, rewrote most subtitles, inserted the classic Fox and Lucasfilm logo opening, made Padme more powerful and important, made Anakin likeable and made their romance believable. I've also added back five deleted scenes (But trimmed those for quality too).

I hope this is the second part of a trilogy that people are truly going to ENJOY!
Cuts and Additions:
Attack Of The Clones: Reborn - Changelist

- Young Boba remains silent making him seem angry, cold and more in keeping with ESB's Boba.
- Anakin and Padme do not have a number of bitter arguments (Before inexplicably falling in love).
- No uses of the phrase "Younglings".
- All subtitles partially or completely rewritten to alter character and story.

- 00.00.00 Old ROTJ Fox fanfare used
- 00.00.10 OT Lucasfilm logo used
- 00.02.17 Fake Senator on board shot removed
- 00.03.00 Closeup of Padme removed
- 00.03.05 "We made it..." line removed
- 00.03.09 "There was no danger..." line removed
- 00.04.07 Padme addressing the senate scene partially re-instated
- 00.04.10 "Must I remind..." and other Palpatine lines from senate scene removed
- 00.04.28 Close-up of Jar-Jar replaced with shot of Palpatine
- 00.05.14 Shot of Jar-Jar removed
- 00.05.17 Palpatine's aide waggling his CGI tongue removed
- 00.06.25 NEWSUB "The oyalist Commitee has arrived, your honor."
- 00.06.29 NEWSUB "Shall I admit them?"
- 00.08.42 "You'resweating" line removed
- 00.09.04 New Jar-Jar dub and SUB "Obi...? Ha ha Obi,"
- 00.09.07 New Jar-Jar dub and SUB "it's been so many years."
- 00.09.11 New Jar-Jar dub and SUB "Senator Amidala..."
- 00.09.12 New Jar-Jar dub and SUB "our old Jedi friend has arrived,"
- 00.09.16 New Jar-Jar dub and SUB "master Kenobi."
- 00.09.40 "You'll always be that little boy" line removed
- 00.10.19 "Overkill master" argument removed
- 00.10.52 New Jar-Jar dub and SUB "You've sure grown in 10 years Ani,"
- 00.11.06 New Jar-Jar dub and SUB "No, it's just a long time my friend."
- 00.16.01 CGI Alien in speeder removed
- 00.16.02 Obi-Wan reacting to Alien shot flipped
- 00.16.05 CGI Aliens in Taxi shot part one removed
- 00.16.06 CGI Aliens in Taxi shot part two removed
- 00.16.14 Establishing shot of Xan removed
- 00.16.29 Xan aiming shortened
- 00.16.39 Shot of Obi-Wan falling shortened
- 00.16.41 Shot of Anakin banking shortened
- 00.16.49 Shot of Obi-Wan falling shortened
- 00.17.01 "There he is..." exchange removed
- 00.17.02 "If you spent..." line brought forward
- 00.17.18 Anakin flipping speeder shot shortened and shot removed
- 00.17.34 Shot of Ob-Wan pleading Anakin to pull up and Anakin just laughing removed
- 00.17.35 Shot of Anakin grinning removed
- 00.17.49 Whole of the pink-forcefield/Blade-Runner-pastiche sequence removed
- 00.18.04 "Where are you going..." conversation and footage removed
- 00.18.27 "That was some shortcut..." dialogue removed
- 00.18.28 OT Hero music sting inserted
- 00.18.29 "I hate it..." line removed
- 00.18.35 Anakin falling shot shortened
- 00.18.45 Anakin hanging on shot flipped and all footage of Anakin climbing about removed
- 00.19.02 Shot of Obi-Wan catching saber shortened
- 00.19.29 Fake looking CGI crash shortened
- 00.20.27 "Think" single word removed
- 00.20.34 Final "Yes master" and "Try not to..." lines removed
- 00.20.40 "You're the closet..." line removed
- 00.20.41 Shot of sports bar interior brought forward
- 00.20.49 Brief shot of Obi-Wan and Anikin scanning the room removed
- 00.21.07 Shot of Anakin searching removed
- 00.23.47 "Anaking go to..." line and footage removed
- 00.24.44 Jedi temple scene completely removed
- 00.24.47 "I'm taking line.." removed
- 00.24.52 Padme talking to Jar-Jar removed
- 00.25.42 "In some ways..." dialogue removed
- 00.25.46 "All mentors..." dialogue brought forward
- 00.26.41 Shot of handmaiden crying shortened
- 00.26.47 "It's not me..." line removed
- 00.28.13 Opening diner shot flipped
- 00.28.20 Obi-Wan "Hello" shot flipped
- 00.28.22 "Take a seat..." shot flipped
- 00.28.23 Obi-Wan walking to seat and 'Jawa Juice' shots removed
- 00.28.28 "Hhhhheeeeeyyyyyyy!" single word removed
- 00.29.05 All dialogue refering to analysis archive droids in this scene removed
- 00.29.44 Pickup closeup shot of 'candyfloss-beard/mullet-wig' Obi-Wan removed
- 00.29.45 Obi-Wan searching archive scene completely removed
- 00.31.09 "Younglings" removed
- 00.31.12 Kids "Hello Master Obi-Wan" chorus and Obi-Wan's reply removed
- 00.33.24 Bag carrying scene removed
- 00.33.25 Padme's parents' house scene partially re-instated
- 00.34.23 "It's so good..." line removed
- 00.34.28 "I had to..." line removed
- 00.34.43 "Oh Padme..." and following lines removed
- 00.34.51 Padme's mother's cringe worthy look removed
- 00.34.52 "Why haven't you.." and following lines removed
- 00.34.58 "Anakin and I..." line removed
- 00.34.59 Shot of Anakin in the garden pushed back
- 00.35.00 Shot of Padme glancing at her mother brought forward
- 00.35.01 Shot of Padme's mother shortened
- 00.35.07 Jedi landing platform deleted scene fully re-instated
- 00.37.44 Padme and Anakin argument removed
- 00.37.47 "Perfect" line removed
- 00.40.53 Picnic scene brought forward
- 00.40.54 First part of scene removed and intro re-dubbed with "You really..." lines
- 00.41.53 Rest of cow mis-treatment and Julie Andrews scene removed
- 00.41.54 Lake/Kiss scene pushed back and Army tour scene brought forward
- 00.44.18 "We used to let..." line and rest of sand dialogue removed
- 00.44.26 Anakin rubbing Padme's back removed
- 00.44.53 Padme stopping the kiss removed
- 00.45.19 "Yep" line removed
- 00.45.22 "Sure" line removed
- 00.45.24 "Dad" line removed
- 00.45.26 "Taun We's here" line removed
- 00.47.23 "What is it dad?" line removed
- 00.47.34 Floating-pear-lunch and fireside-basque scenes completely removed
- 00.47.35 Anakin's dream removed and Balcony/morning scene brought forward
- 00.51.13 "Dad look" line removed
- 00.51.36 All shots of Boba firing a massive laser cannon at an indestructible Obi-Wan removed
- 00.51.37 Reaction shot of Boba pushed back
- 00.52.11 Shots of Digi-Double Jango and jetpack shortened
- 00.52.22 Digi-Double Obi-Wan flip shortened
- 00.52.28 Two shots of Boba and Obi-Wan slowly sliding removed
- 00.52.44 Long shot of Obi-Wan falling removed
- 00.52.39 Shot of Obi-Wan hanging around removed
- 00.52.40 Obi-Wan flipping onto gantry and opening door brought forward into one smooth sequence
- 00.53.03 Shot of Obi-Wan still hanging around removed
- 00.53.04 Shots of Obi-Wan swinging back and forth removed
- 00.53.25 Shot of Jango banging his head partially removed
- 00.53.26 Shot of Obi-Wan igniting his saber brought forward
- 00.54.27 NEWSUB "Away with you!"
- 00.54.30 NEWSUB "Hello Watto,"
- 00.54.33 NEWSUB "Let me fix that for you."
- 00.54.36 NEWSUB "What? What o you want?"
- 00.54.40 NEWSUB "Wait! You're a Jedi!"
- 00.54.43 NEWSUB "Whatever it is, I didn't do it."
- 00.54.51 NEWSUB "I'm looking for Shmi Skywalker."
- 00.56.40 "He must of..." line brought forward
- 00.56.42 "Dad, I think..." line removed
- 00.56.44 Shot of Slave 1 enter asteroid field brought forward
- 00.56.45 "Hang on son..." line pushed back
- 00.56.47 Shot of Jango pressing a button brought forward
- 00.56.50 Boba laughing removed
- 00.56.59 Shots of mines being deployed removed
- 00.56.50 Mine rotoscoped out of long shot of Slave 1 and shot shortened
- 00.56.63 "Seismic charges" line removed
- 00.56.64 All shots of Obi-Wan evading exploding mines removed (R4 and cockpit shots retained)
- 00.56.59 "He doesn't seem to..." line pushed back
- 00.57.00 Shot of Jango entering asteroid interior brought forward
- 00.57.16 "Watch out" line removed
- 00.57.36 "Get him dad... fire" line removed
- 00.57.35 Slave 1 coming at the screen shot shortened
- 00.57.43 Slave 1 wheeling round shot shortened
- 00.57.46 Slave 1 rapid fire shot shortened
- 00.57.48 Slave 1 closing in shot shortened
- 00.57.53 "We got him..." line removed
- 00.58.02 Missile homing in shot shortened
- 00.58.16 Missile banking shot shortened and then next pursuing shot removed
- 00.58.40 "Well we won't..." shot shortened
- 01.01.12 Introduction of Owen, Beru and Padme removed
- 01.01.58 "Mindless monsters..." lines removed
- 01.05.49 NEWSUB "The commerce Guild's forces are arriving as we speak"
- 01.05.52 Banking clan pledge brought forward and shortened
- 01.05.56 Techno-union guy twidling his right nipple-nut to make his voice work (And presumably not to 'Pick up JazzFM') removed
- 01.07.39 Couple of "Ani"s removed
- 01.07.45 "My grown up son..." line removed
- 01.07.49 "Now I am complete" line removed
- 01.08.05 second "I love you" removed
- 01.08.55 Transition redone to follow direction and speed of Anakin's saber blow
- 01.10.13 "This is Obi-Wan Kenobi" line cut and footage re-dubbed with next line
- 01.12.17 "Why'd she have to die..." dialogue removed
- 01.12.45 'Blame it on Obi-Wan' tantrum removed
- 01.13.55 "I know I'm better than this" line removed
- 01.14.15 "Loving partner" line removed
- 01.16.53 Padme and Anakin argument over Obi-Wan removed
- 01.16.54 "But you heard..." shot of Anakin flipped
- 01.16.69 "I'm going to help..." shot flipped
- 01.17.11 Anakin smiling shot flipped
- 01.17.32 Impressive Gran makeup showcase shot removed
- 01.17.33 NEWSUB "The time for debate is over, we must have an army."
- 01.17.48 "But what senator..." dialogue and footage of Jar-Jar removed
- 01.17.49 Emergency powers senate scene brought forward
- 01.17.56 Mace walking into senate re-dubbed and scene re-cut to remove Jar-Jar proposal
- 01.18.21 Shot of Jar-Jar looking smug replaced with shot of Yoda and Mace
- 01.18.43 Added a sprinkle of darkside music
- 01.19.23 Obi-Wan "Traitor" line removed and re-dubbed with "Dooku"
- 01.19.27 "This is a terrible..." and "I thought you..." lines removed
- 01.23.32 Two shots of Threepio following R2 removed
- 01.23.37 Shots revealing approaching Geonosians removed
- 01.23.40 "Wait" line removed
- 01.23.45 Shot of R2 and Threepio removed
- 01.24.12 Shots of Padme negotiating obstacle course removed
- 01.24.13 Shots of Padme getting knocked into the vat brought forward
- 01.24.33 Several shots of Anaking battling Geonosians removed
- 01.24.34 Several shots of R2 and Threepio entering the factory and R2 flying removed
- 01.24.35 Footage of molten metal danger brought forward
- 01.24.48 Flipped shot of Threepio still on the ship inserted and re-dubbed
- 01.24.52 Edited shots of R2 saving Padme brought forward
- 01.25.15 Shot of Padme's capture brought forward
- 01.25.22 Shots of Anakin getting hit by arm removed
- 01.25.24 Shots of Anakin's arm trapped on the belt removed
- 01.25.36 Shot of Padme surrounded pushed back
- 01.25.48 Early establishing shot of the arena removed
- 01.25.48 Dooku interrogates Padme deleted scene fully re-instated
- 01.26.41 NEWSUB "Prepare her for trial"
- 01.26.43 Anakin & Padme on trial fully re-instated
- 01.26.44 NEWSUB "You have been charged and found guilty of espionage."
- 01.26.55 NEWSUB "War is our business Senator Amidala,"
- 01.26.58 NEWSUB "Your senate will find us more than prepared."
- 01.27.07 NEWSUB "Your Jedi friend is waiting for you Senator..."
- 01.27.13 NEWSUB " the arena!"
- 01.27.30 "I've been dying a..." and "What are you..." lines removed
- 01.27.40 "I thought we had decided..." discussion removed
- 01.29.40 NEWSUB "Welcome, today's games are in honor of Viceroy Guneray!"
- 01.29.20 NEWSUB "Guards, open the cages!"
- 01.29.28 "I've got a bad feeling..." line and part of footage brought foward
- 01.29.57 Shot of guards removed
- 01.30.20 "Just relax..." dialogue removed
- 01.30.29 Shot of Obi-Wan evading mantis creature shortened
- 01.30.32 2nd shot of bull creature charging removed
- 01.30.48 Face on shot of Padme screaming removed
- 01.30.50 Guneray's chuckle removed
- 01.30.51 Shot of mantis creature roaring at the camera removed
- 01.30.54 POV shot of mantis creature and aerial shot removed
- 01.31.59 "Shoot her or something" dialogue pushed back
- 01.31.14 Areial shot of cat creature shortened
- 01.31.20 POV shot of mantis creature screaming removed
- 01.31.30 Close up of bull creature removed
- 01.31.47 Close up of bull creature removed
- 01.31.51 Fake digi-double shot shortened
- 01.32.10 Aerial shot of cat creature shortened
- 01.32.13 Shot of Padme inserted
- 01.32.17 Padme kissing Anakin removed and "Yah!" pushed back
- 01.32.32 "This isn't how..." line pushed back
- 01.32.55 Mace early reveal shot removed
- 01.33.06 "This parties over" line removed and "Brave but foolish..." dialogue brought forward
- 01.33.27 "We'll see" line removed
- 01.34.01 Shot of Threepio's body clowning removed
- 01.34.09 First chariot sequence removed
- 01.34.13 Second chariot sequence removed
- 01.34.20 Shot of Threepio's head clowning removed
- 01.34.33 Threepio's body getting shot sequence removed
- 01.34.35 Shot of Guneray ducking laser blasts brought forward
- 01.34.36 Jango's shots hitting Jedi and Jedi falling shortened
- 01.34.40 Berserk bull creature sequence and Jango vs Mace pushed back
- 01.34.41 Obi-Wan finishing mantis creature brought forward
- 01.34.58 Obi-Wan twirling his saber shortened
- 01.34.59 Fearsome young Jedi sequence pushed back
- 01.35.00 Last few chariot ride shots removed
- 01.35.01 Padme and Anakin taking shelter sequence brought forward
- 01.35.19 New scene created from several elements showing Guneray asking Jango to join the fight
- 01.35.26 First part of berserk bull creature sequence shortened
- 01.35.28 Jango taking off brought forward
- 01.35.33 Jango landing and grabbing for Mace's saber sequence flipped
- 01.35.37 Jango scuffle with bull creature sequence removed
- 01.35.37 Jango standing up shot brought forward and linked with Mace attack shot
- 01.35.39 Long shot of Mace bearing down removed
- 01.35.42 Jango's head bouncing shot shortened
- 01.35.52 Geonosian cannon and Jedi charge shots flipped
- 01.35.54 "Die Jedi dogs..." and "Such a drag..." Threepio sequences removed
- 01.36.00 R2 repairing Threepio scene removed
- 01.37.07 "Look" line removed
- 01.37.21 Yoda's "...A perimeter create" re-dubbed to "...Create a perimeter"
- 01.38.14 Last shot of R2 and Threepio removed
- 01.39.20 NEWSUB "Our communications have been jammed."
- 01.41.15 NEWSUB "We have to order a retreat."
- 01.41.23 NEWSUB "I'm sending my warriors to hide in the catacombs"
- 01.41.27 NEWSUB "They must not find our designs for the ultimate weapon."
- 01.41.33 NEWSUB "If they find out what we're planning,"
- 01.41.36 NEWSUB "we'll lose all support in the senate."
- 01.41.40 NEWSUB "Here my Lord."
- 01.44.09 Padme rolling shortened
- 01.44.31 "You will be expelled..." line removed
- 01.45.00 Padme waking up scene brought forward
- 01.45.07 Padme ordering the Clone trooper removed
- 01.45.08 Shot of Dooku removed
- 01.46.33 Shot of Anakin just waking replaced by later shot of Anakin nearly recovered
- 01.46.45 Fake Anakin digi-double leap removed and audio remixed
- 01.47.19 Excessive and pointless saber twirling reduced
- 01.47.30 Long shot of Anakin just waiting for his arm to be lopped off removed
- 01.47.44 Shot of Dooku turning round replaced with closeup of Dooku
- 01.47.57 Force pull contest sequence pushed back
- 01.48.00 "I've become more..." line and force lightning sequence brought forward
- 01.48.22 "It is clear this..." line removed
- 01.48.25 Yoda drawing his saber shortened
- 01.48.31 Shot of Dooku in mid air removed
- 01.48.32 Yoda leaping removed
- 01.48.32 Yoda leaping removed and next shots flipped
- 01.48.41 Extended Yoda leaping sequence removed
- 01.48.56 Long shot of Yoda clopped closer to remove Dooku from the frame
- 01.49.17 "The darkside I sense in you..." line inserted
- 01.49.26 Shot of Dooku using force pull inserted
- 01.49.30 Long shot of Dooku and Yoda with lit sabers removed
- 01.49.35 Dooku's lit saber rotoscoped out of ramp shot
- 01.49.37 Two orce power shots removed
- 01.49.50 Dooku escaping brought forward and Padme arriving removed
- 01.50.12 Yoda picking up his cane and hobbling removed
- 01.55.29 Cheeky credit for yours truly

Change total 279
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE) image

How the last act should have gone down

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Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
(Updated: May 09, 2020)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I am a huge fan of TM2YC's previous "Reborn" edit, so that was the standard I was judging this by. Unfortunately, this edit is not nearly as good in my opinion. I have to say firstly that (besides The Last Jedi) this is my least favorite Star Wars film. It's very uneven and there are a lot of problems on the script level. It has the worst acting in general of any of the trilogies, and probably career low performances from the 3 principals: Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor, and especially Natalie Portman. So trying to fix these issues is a massive job, and I have great appreciation for all the thought and effort on the part of the faneditor. It's with that in mind that I offer my feedback.

The major issue with this edit for me is technical. It's a very aggressive edit, with lots of cuts to scenes, and many are HARD cuts. The deletion of shots is quite noticeable most of the time, and the audio is even more jarring. I know that dealing with audio in a Star Wars film is incredibly tricky due to the constant score, and it's very evident here. The drop off and sudden pick up in the music is a dead giveaway, as is sudden moments of silence where lines are deleted.

In addition, all the quibbles I had from the previous Reborn fanedit are present here, but more so. There are still many wipes that are edited to be a 1/2 second too fast, the 2 channel only audio, an even more noticeable quality difference in both the visual fidelity and audio (high pitch) of the deleted scenes, and a jarring and unnecessary insistence on deleting all references to Padme having a double, which is obvious anyway.

On the other hand, several of the strengths of the previous edit are NOT present here. Jar Jar was recharacterized in TPM Reborn to be naive and afraid, but a simple, proud native trying to be a hero. Lucas' subversion of his character in AotC fits perfectly with that portrayal, where he is played for a fool by being the instrument that gives Palpatine power in the Senate. Here, the treatment is just to remove him. In fact, that's the effect on many characters. Rather than reshaping them through removing specific lines, whole scenes are removed or 2/3's of dialogue in a scene. It doesn't led to reshaping of character oftentimes, it simply leads to NO character. And jarringly so, as reaction shots are left in, but there is often no action/dialogue to react TO. It makes the cut weird and obvious. Boba Fett for example has absolutely nothing to say and nothing to do in the film. The stated intention is to "bring him in line with the strong bounty hunter in ESB", but he's NOT that character yet. He's a little kid. And he hasn't suffered any tragedy yet. That kind of overreach in deleting lines is endemic to the edit as a whole.

There are many parts of the edit that are very smart and work well, or pretty well. Deleting some of Anakin's more petulant moments and some of his bickering with Obi Wan does indeed make him more likable. There are little trims to scenes like Shmi's demise or Dooku's talk with the Separatists that do improve the scenes. Of course, the removal of the slapstick scenes with R2 and 3PO is much appreciated. However, many deletions go too far, not only deleting bad lines, but leaving almost nothing to conversations, resulting in scenes feeling empty or almost pointless. And the extensive reworking of the action scenes is mostly unnecessary, as the one thing George Lucas does great is place action beats. A bit of comedy or dialogue deleted from the scenes is fine, but the action itself is thrilling, and mostly the reworking simply makes it less thrilling and rather more blah.

Finally, the deleted scenes are ESSENTIAL for the improvement of the film, as they add context, character, and nuance to both the Jedi storyline and the romance. However, many of them only have snippets reinstated, which are noticeable in their brevity. (And really this movie needs all the Rose Byrne and Joel Edgerton it can get!) The romance overall is better than in the original film, but still very abrupt and lacking. More lines and actions could've been left in. The stated intention was to "remove fighting between Anakin and Padme", but fighting can often be a foundation for attraction, particularly a relationship that turns possessive and abusive. Only the harshest lines need to be removed, and a few were actually left IN, notably Portman's biting "It makes me uncomfortable!" after telling Anakin not to look at her, which always bothered me. All in all, the romance just needs fleshing out, even with some banal dialogue, because yes, that happens too in relationships.

All told, I don't want to give the impression that this is a BAD edit. There are a lot of great ideas here. I'm afraid that it won't be aggressive enough for some people though. While for me it goes overboard in being far less precise and tactical than the previous Reborn edit. I'd like to see TM2YC revisit it and give it more polish, as I think it was only his 2nd edit and he has surely gained a lot more skill now. If the edits were less noticeable, it might give a different feel. As is, this doesn't replace the original film for me, though it is worth a watch.

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As in Episode I, TM2YC manages to extract a Star Wars-ish movie from the Attack of Clones. I really enjoyed this edit and once again I feel TM2YC sees what Lucas meant but seems unable to do anymore.

Lets see... What I hated of the original? Anakin character is annoying at best, unbearable at worse. Consequently you get the feeling that Obi-Wan is the worse mentor ever, how can he possibly transform the nice child of Ep.I in such a persons? Even if Anakin is such a douchebag Padme falls in love with him with some of the worse romantic dialogs ever. To cite Darths & Droids notes: "Writing this[375th strip] we have a new-found appreciation for just how time-consuming and horribly difficult it is to write truly awkward romantic dialogue. George Lucas is a genius." The Jedi council decides to split the pair sending Anakin to his first solo mission while Obi-Wan disagrees, but Joda arrogantly says the council is sure of the decision.

This edit fixed all of that, ALL OF IT. Anakin is not humble, but still he respects and loves his mentor; he actually knows Obi-Was is powerful and wise and he has much to learn. Removing the nonsensical disagreement with Obi-Wan Anakin's mental breakdown after the death his mother appears felt and hearth-wrenching; the difference with the theatrical release where Anakin appears a spoiled child is impressive.

Reintroducing the deleted scenes Amidala appears as a powerful politician and everything revolves about her pacifist ways that still fail to stop the arrival of the clone army. The love story works much better and you actually think that Captain Typho, Amidala bodyguard, was right thinking that she can importunate him more than vice-versa.

Kenobi is still worried for the solo mission of this apprentice, but TM2YC used a deleted scene where Windu states to have faith in him instead that the council is sure. Considering how Anakin is better than in the theatrical version the scene works much better.

The cut-n-past job is really visible only during the final duel Doku against Yoda; Yoda appears much less agile and prefers using the force than the sword. All considered the new duel is probably better as in the original where it seems Yoda could destroy Doku ship with debris, but for some reasons he does not. Here he has hard time defending himself and rescuing Obi-Wan and Anakin.

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