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FanFix September 18, 2012 4280
Watched this two days ago, and I have to say, waiting a long time for this to come's a shame to say that I'm feeling a tad mixed.

Let me start with what I really liked about the edit: the love story. The scenes were arranged very well, and you managed to get across the idea of Anikan and Padme having a "morning after" scene better than L8twrtr, and given how great The Republic Divided is, that's saying something. The only thing about it that bugged me was placing the funeral scene before the garage scene, because we see Padme in her white dress, then her blue dress, and the next time we see her in her white dress again, and it's something I can't get past. Also, if you ever think of making a version 2, I recommend watching Slumberland's episode 2 edit and how he makes the lake kiss look like it's taking place at sunset, as that would help with the "morning after" vibe I think you were going for. Also, loved how you removed "we've got to get to that hanger," really worked out well.

For Obi-Wan's story, I really don't abject to the diner scene, as I'm a fan of the 1950s vibe, and I can somewhat get behind keeping the Yoda/younglings scene as it comes off less as Obi-Wan being clueless and more about him confirming his suspicions. The Jango/Obi-Wan conversation is also welll done, being able to remove any mentions of Tyrannus and Sifo-Diyas. However, I really felt that the first fight they have should've been cut down like how the Phantom Editor and L8twrtr did. That way when we get to the space battle it doesn't feel like the movie's dragging, which I honestly thought it was sadly.

Now some stuff I really didn't like. I hated how much of a novice Anikan came across as in the movie. He loses his lightsaber, misses his turn while in the car, and then get's his lightsaber smashed. If he's so attuned to the force that he can levitate a ball and free Padme, he should've at least seen the lightsaber stuff coming. The Anikan/Palpatine scene was also really missed, as it plays nicely into episode 3. And finally, cutting out the Obi-Wan/Dooku. I know how it kinda makes the Jedi look stupid for not taking Dooku's word, but let's be honest, they had it coming. They wouldn't believe that Dooku would take a hit out on Padme, I can believe that they don't pay his warnings lip service. It's just that that scene shows Christopher Lee at his finest, and removing that scene, imo, nullifies any attempt to try an put focus on Dooku, because I really enjoyed you're restructured opening. Also, I'm not sure if it was the choices you made with this edit or because I really like L8's take, but I didn't enjoy Yoda's lightsaber duel as much as I did.

I'm sorry if I seem negative, when there were some things in this edit that I really loved and should be incorporated into other edits and I do recommend it, but some there was too much that rubbed me the wrong way.

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