Star Wars - Episode II: Army of the Republic

Star Wars - Episode II: Army of the Republic
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Brief Synopsis:
As the Sith secretly plot the Republic's downfall, Anakin's fall to the Dark Side begins.
Episode II is probably the worst Star Wars movie ever made. It has terrible dialog, a terrible plot, terrible acting, and a confusing storyline. Can it be fixed? That is my intention, and while it can never be a great movie, I believe it is now very watchable. The romance between Anakin and Padme has been completely overhauled, so that their relationship becomes a strong and believable one. Anakin's relationship with Obi-Wan is also repaired. Additionally, almost all complicated and/or confusing elements of the plot have been eliminated. Dooku is the sole villain throughout, and there is no reveal to the Jedi or the audience about a Sith Lord controlling the senate. Finally, Jar-Jar screen time, as well as politics, have been stripped to the absolute minimum. Oh, and no Chosen One.
Special Thanks:
L8wrtr - for his numerous encouraging comments and suggestions throughout, especially with the Obi-Wan/Jango scene; and, for providing the best way of handling the droid factory scene.
wabid, emanswfan, Solid11 - my terrific work print team who provided many valuable suggestions, without which this edit would never be as polished as it is.
The Phantom Editor - for providing the inspiration of how to keep the "kiss" in the movie.
Release Information:
  • DVD
  • Digital
Special Features
All releases have embedded chapter markers, though there is no chapter menu (sorry!)
The optical disc releases also have 2 fan edited "deleted" scenes

MP4 and AVCHD are 1080 HD.
Editing Details:
Generally speaking, I made A LOT of edits. The biggest editing choices involved a complete re-arrangement of the story's structure. I have moved what used to be a "reveal" scene at the end of the movie to the beginning, making it establish firmly for the audience who the bad guys are. Count Dooku now only has one name throughout the movie (gone is any mention of Lord Tyrannus), and throughout the movie it is now easy to pin mysterious/confusing plot elements to him. The red-herring of Sifo-Dyas is also gone, as all mention of him has been erased.

The story now has two threads: first, Obi-Wan's quest to track down the bounty hunter; since we know Count Dooku is behind the assassination attempt, we can instead focus on the mystery slowly unfold before Obi-Wan's eyes. Second, the romance between Anakin and Padme. Instead of the creepy whiny obsessed stalker that Anakin originally portrayed, there is now no shred of evidence that Anakin has any hidden/prior feelings for Padme. Instead, there is a mutual attraction that naturally builds each step of the way. By the time the kiss happens, it should feel natural, and by re-scoring the scene (complete with extra birds chirping and rushing water) I have allowed the kiss to fade into what now can only be seen as the "morning after." What once might have been a creepy line ("Your presence soothes me") now is a gesture of true affection.

The original movie jumped around quite a lot; I have instead allowed portions of each storyline build a little longer (usually to some sort of mini-concluding event) before switching to the other. Perhaps the most important sequence that has been re-arranged is when Anakin searches/finds his mother. The original movie ordered the scenes like this:
* Anakin's Mother dies / Anakin starts killing
* Yoda/Mace scene with Yoda sensing Ani is in pain
* Obi-Wan on Geonosis transmits a message to Anakin in non-realtime which R2 is receiving in the ship on Tattoine.
* Anakin returns with his dead mother on his speeder
* Anakin confesses to Padme his killing the Sand People, ending up crying in her arms
* Shmi's funeral, interrupted by R2
* Anakin/Padme relays the previously taped message to the Council

My sequencing allows the emotional moment started from Shmi's death to come to build to a natural conclusion:
* Anakin's Mother dies / Anakin starts killing
* Shmi's funeral (no R2 interruption)
* Anakin confesses to Padme his killing the Sand People, ending up crying in her arms
-- (natural end to the emotional arc) --
* …switch back to Geonosis where Obi-Wan discovers Dooku's plot
* Obi-Wan on Geonosis transmits a message to Anakin in *real time*
* Anakin/Padme relays the incoming message to the Council

Beyond the major re-ordering of scenes, I have taken great care to trim dialog throughout to improve relationships (Obi-Wan and Anakin especially), remove bad humor, improve the likability of Anakin, and generally excise politics to the bare minimum.

For more editing details, see the cut list. :-)
Cuts and Additions:
- New Opening Crawl
- Moved Dooku and Sidious scene to be the first scene with modified dialog, introducing Dooku by name and implying a plot to kill Padme. Dooku is now only Count Dooku; there is no mention of Lord Tyrannus.
- Trimmed landing sequence of Padme's ship
- Removed dialog where Corde apologizes to Padme while she is dying
- Removed dialog where Padme says she shouldn't have come
- Removed political discussion from start of Palpatine's Office scene
- Removed Yoda's "warm feelings" line
- Removed Jedi "Intelligence" pointing to disgruntled spice miners
- Removed description of Count Dooku as "political idealist"
- Removed Mace saying Obi-Wan just returned from a border dispute, and Palpatine's "Do it for me, my lady" pleading/creepiness
- Removed Ani's "I haven't seen her for 10 years" line
- Removed Jar-Jar antics when greeting Obi and Ani at the door. Jar-Jar now only has a single line in the entire movie, which is introducing the Jedi.
- Removed Ani's "Grown more beautiful I mean" line, and Padme's lines about always thinking of Ani as a little boy. The exchange should now just feel like an awkward one, with equal amounts of flirting from both sides.
- Removed Ani "promising" to catch the assassin
- Modified Obi/Ani ensuing dialog to reduce Obi's insulting attitude towards Ani (no "must we go through this again," no calling Anakin a "young padawan learner," etc.)
- Removed Ani's pining for Padme to Jar-Jar (She didn't even notice me…) and Obi and their reactions
- Removed Obi's "let's check the security" line and the shot of Anakin walking away. It's a redundant line given the next scene we hear that Obi has just checked the security.
- Trimmed Jango's instructions to Zen (no excuses from Zen and no threats of no more second chances from Jango)
- Removed Ani's explanation why Padme covered the cameras (so he wouldn't be able to see her) and about Padme being "bait"
- Removed all political discussion between Ani and Obi
- Removed Ani wishing he could dream about Padme, and Obi's ensuing reaction about his oath to the Jedi Order and being mindful of his feelings.
- Removed R2D2 activating and failing to notice the poisonous worms
- Trimmed a lot of Obi's hanging from the probe scenes (no bumping into walls, no getting caught in traffic and being scolded, and other redundant shots)
- Trimmed the descent of Obi into Ani's speeder
- Removed discussion of Ani's Jedi abilities; we now go from "I couldn't find a speeder I really liked" directly to "There he is!"
- Trimmed speeder chase; removed entry into the weird electric area, and removed some extra shots of the speeders diving and flying around during the chase
- Removed Ani's dialog about wanting to catch the assassin; dialog is now Obi: "Where are you going? He went that way!" Ani:"This is a short cut, I think…"
- Removed insulting lines by Obi after "That was some shortcut Anakin." Now we go directly to Ani jumping out of the speeder and saying "If you'll excuse me"
- Shortened Ani's descent and landing on Zen's speeder, as well as his climbing up to finally use his light saber.
- Removed any sign or mention that Zen is a changeling
- Shortened foot chase after the speeder crashes
- Removed Ani saying "She" went into the club (It's awkward dialog since Obi continues saying "he")
- Shortened Ani's search in the club and shots of Zen stalking him
- Removed Ani's lines "Easy" and the one about "Jedi Business"
- Cropped out Zen turning into a changeling
- Removed Mace asking Ani to go see Palpatine
- Removed scene where Ani visits Palpatine
- Removed Padme bestowing her Senatorial powers to Jar-Jar
- Removed Ani whining/complaining about Obi-Wan, while Padme is packing
- Cut short the packing scene after Padme says "Don't try to grow up too fast." All creepiness from Anakin in this scene is thus removed.
- Removed Obi's instructions to Ani about not doing anything without checking in first
- Removed Padme's line about her "Jedi protector"
- Removed the (dumb) end dialog between Obi and the Captain about who is going to cause more trouble.
- Greatly shortened the Diner scene. No talking robot waitress, no discussions about droids, no talk about the cloners. The scene is stripped to the bare minimum in order to get the information that the dart is from Kamino.
- Removed Obi visiting the library scene (completely redundant, and the Librarian is just too annoying)
- Removed Obi saying "hello" back to the Padawans (it just sounded too hollow/insincere)
- Removed Obi/Yoda/Mace scene (e.g., no mention of the chosen one in the movie)
- Added deleted scene with Obi/Mace where Obi departs for Kamino, with the following changes:
* Obi's line "Do you think a Jedi could have erased those files" becomes "Do you think Count Dooku could have erased those files"
* Removed discussion about Ani being too old to have been trained, as well as his feelings for Padme. Dialog now goes from Obi saying he is worried about his padawan being on his own to Mace responding that he must trust Ani will make the right decisions.
* Removed sequence of Obi's ship taking off and warping away
- Removed Padme/Ani scene while in transit to Naboo (creepy anakin come ons)
- Removed Padme/Ani scene after landing in Naboo discussing politics, and the scene where they visit the Queen
- Added scene where Ani/Padme visit her home, with the following changes:
* Removed the mother's extra lines after saying she was so worried ("I know I know, I had to say it, now it's over")
* Removed discussion of Ani being her boyfriend, and the ensuing discussion of whether she is in danger
* Removed Padme saying Ani is "just a boy" and the ensuing discussion of how he feels about her
- On Kamino, removed all mention of Sifo-Dyas and the clones being for the "Republic." Obi is now simply told to tell "The Jedi Council" that the army will be on time and it is a clone army. This removes a complete red-herring that can only confuse the audience. Instead, it is now left to conjecture as to who ordered the army, and concluding that Dooku did it is certainly a valid one.
- Removed exchange about wanting to see the army and Obi saying "That's why I'm here"
- Removed some technical discussion about the clones (e.g., growth acceleration) and some shots of the clones learning and eating to maximize the impact of seeing the army fully dressed (trying to make them more storm-trooper like and less like normal people)
- Removed discussion about Jango's payment and his own clone for himself
- In the picnic scene, removed the beginning discussion about Padme's "dreamy" boyfriend and the bad flirting about liking politicians. The scene now starts with Anakin saying "I don't think the system works."
- In the meadow scene, shortened Padme's long run to the fallen Ani, and shortened the rolling around on the ground and gazing at each other.
- In the scene where Obi meets Jango, removed mention of Sifo-Dyas as well as Lord Tyrannus. The scene is now cut to be much more confrontational between the two, with much less dialog prior to Jango saying "Do you like your Army?"
- When Obi reports back to Yoda/Mace, removed mention of Sifo-Dyas.
- Removed Mace saying they should report to the Senate about their diminished powers, as well as Yoda's response.
- In the Jango vs Obi fight, removed all shots of Boba in the ship, and removed his firing shots at Obi. Basically Boba is now a non-presence.
- Removed shots of Jango looking down for Obi after releasing the rope
- Quickened the speed with which Obi force-opens the door
- Removed final shot of Obi with his light saber as Jango flies away.
- Removed fireside scene between Ani and Padme (yuck!!)
- In the balcony scene, removed most of the dialog (Ani does not speak at all)
- The balcony scene now ends during the kiss, with no break-away by Padme. This required rescoring so that the music doesn't abruptly stop.
- Removed scene of seeing Anakin having a nightmare
- Removed Anakin's line calling Padme a senator
- Removed Anakin's final line after Padme says she'll go with him, apologizing. Due to these cuts, this scene was rescored as well, to ensure the star wars theme music played fully.
- Trimmed Ani/Padme's arrival on Tattoine to minimize CGI background annoyances/sounds
- Trimmed initial discussion between Watto and Ani to jump right to Ani asking about Shmi.
- Removed Watto asking Ani to help him out since he is a Jedi.
- Removed Watto saying he can't believe he freed her and married her. He now just says he married her.
- Removed mention by C3P0 that Anakin is his maker
- Removed description by Lars about the Sandpeople being monsters
- Removed Lars talking about waiting for his leg to heal
- In Jango/Obi astroid field fight, removed all lines by Boba except his first one ("Dad, look!"). Also removed Jango saying he just doesn't give up.
- Shortened the astroid field fight.
- Obi now releases the canisters on his own accord instead of asking R4 to prepare and then do it.
- Removed Boba laughing
- Removed Jango's flyby on the surface
- Removed Obi's flyby of Federation ships (and mention of them to R4). They just don't look like ships and so it seemed like a strange statement.
- At the Sandpeople's camp, removed the dogs fighting over a bone and the sounds they make as Ani makes his way to the tent
- Shortened time it takes for Ani to free Shmi from the bonds
- Trimmed dialog between Ani and Shmi
- Removed Shmi's dying "Aaahhhhh" sound (too much like monty python…)
- Removed Yoda/Mace scene where Yoda senses Ani is in pain and there is voiceover from Qui-Gon
- Removed scene where Ani returns to the homestead with his mother on the bike.
- In the funeral scene, removed the two other graves; while we can guess that one is Lars' prior wife, it is a mystery never explained, and there is no need for them.
- Removed Lars' opening eulogy. Now only Anakin speaks.
- Removed Ani's "so much" after saying "I miss you"
- Removed R2D2's arrival and ensuing dialog. Scene ends after Anakin says "I miss you."
- In the garage scene, removed Ani's lines "Why'd she have to die" and "I know I could have saved her!"
- Removed Ani's freak-out, throwing stuff and blaming Obi-Wan for everything
- Removed Ani talking about the sand people being animals, being slaughtered like animals, and him killing women and children
- On geonosis, removed the dialog between the Viceroy and Dooku. The subplot that the Viceroy wants to have Padme killed is no longer. Instead, Dooku was behind the assassination attempt (which we learned in the opening scene). It was strange that the Viceroy waited 10 years to finally want her assassinated anyway.
- Removed mention of other organizations other than the "Federation" (which is no longer the "Trade" Federation, in line with my episode I edit)
- Removed the round-table discussion about pledging armies to Dooku
- When Obi reports back to the Council, removed his beginning discussion with R4 (or to himself?) about his antenna problems and wondering why Ani went to Tattoine.
- Re-ordered the scenes so that Obi-Wan's report is real-time instead of tape-delayed
- Obi reports that Count Dooku is behind the assassination attempts instead of the Viceroy
- Obi only mentions the "Federation" and no other group pledging their armies to Dooku.
- Removed Council dialog prior to Mace saying "Anakin" and giving him instructions
- Removed Ani saying Obi-Wan might be dead
- Removed an especially pouty look on Ani's face when talking about his strict orders
- Back at the Council, removed dialog/debate about whether to create an army. The scene now starts with "This is a crisis."
- Removed mention or need for a Senator to propose the extra powers for the Chancellor, and "If only senator amidala were here…"
- Removed Jar-Jar speaking to the Senate.
- Removed the first part of Palpatine's speech about loving democracy.
- Removed Yoda's mention about the clone army being for the Republic. (so that one can conjecture that Dooku ordered the army for the separatists)
- Removed Dooku/Obi-Wan interrogation scene, keeping Palpatine's true identity still a secret (at least explicitly)
- When landing on Geonosis, removed Ani saying "I've given up arguing with you" (when did he start? sounds like a Han Solo
- Removed C3P0/R2D2 dialog about 3P0 being in charge
- Removed the droids leaving the ship, and all of their future appearances until the marriage scene.
- In the droid factory, Anakin now uses the force to save Padme.
- Shortened the length of time Anakin's arm is trapped by the machine
- Removed dialog after Padme says "I love you" about them agreeing not to fall in love, blah blah blah
- In the arena, removed all of the talking by the leader of Geonosis (I dislike weird alien sounds)
- Basically, the entire arena scene, along with the arrival of the Jedi and then the clones is completely re-worked. There are too many changes to list. The intent was to make it flow much better. Highlights of big changes are:
* No R2D2/C3P0
* No scenes with the Viceroy's reactions about what Padme is doing
* Jango does not die. The attack by the Reek on Obi/Mace is cut. Thus we never see Jango and Boba again after Jango sprays fire at Mace.
- Removed scene where Ani instructs the pilot where to shoot the structure and Obi's "Good call my padawan"
- Removed first "war room" scene with Dooku
- Shortened second "war room" scene, removing the Geonosis leader's dialog as well as some of Dooku's.
- Changed Dooku's final line to be "I must take the plans to my master"
- Removed Yoda instructing the general how to take down the federation star ship
- When they see Dooku, Removed Ani saying "Shoot him down!" and "follow him!" (just too whiny sounding)
- When Padme falls from the ship, greatly trimmed the dialog between Ani and Obi to make Ani less whiny. No talk about being expelled from the Jedi Order and "I don't care!"
- When Padme wakes up, trimmed the dialog so that she doesn't say we need to get to that hangar (how would she know that they are going to a hangar?). Also removed the awkward running in the sand.
- When Obi and Ani confront Dooku, removed Anakin's line about paying for all the Jedi Dooku killed.
- The padme waking up scene was moved prior to the fighting so the fight scene wouldn't be interrupted
- When Dooku fights Yoda, removed all of Yoda's grunting noises.
- Removed Obi talking about what Dooku said about the Sith and the Senate (since he didn't say it in this version)
- Changed Yoda's final line to remove the word "clone." Now he says "Begun the war has." I dislike calling it the "clone war" as it seems like a blatant pitch for the clone war franchise.
- Removed the shots of Palpatine looking over the balcony at the army. No need to press the issue about him being the emperor. :-)
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Okay so finally reviewing this after watching it last christmas.

Great job, I mentioned in my "Return of the Sith" review that I narrowed down my Star wars downloads to this and L8wrtr. Both seemed to be proper re-edits of the new trilogy (although I'm hoping Seciors is finishing the final movie in his trilogy as I'm typing this). So, as a former Star Wars fan (and now Re-newed) I decided that barring a disaster with the 3rd movie, Seciors has made my Preferred edits of Star wars 1, 2, and 3 .

Watching these re-edits makes me realize that George Lucas did put his heart into the movies while filming, but also, that he didn't have enough people around him willing to tell him that he was going too far in certain directions etc.. Well, thankfully these problems seem to be fixable with a lot more editing than he was willing to do himself, and which he probably should have done initially in the actual screenplays themselves.

His new trilogy really reminds me now of Peter Jackson's current Hobbit series, where they seem to be more animated because of the special effects tools available nowadays, making them more childish than the original trilogy's, but there's more room for visual imagination with the world and the creatures, which both bad and good.

Back to the subject of the movie, Attack of the Clones was my favorite of Star Wars 1, 2, and 3, Phantom menace was nearly unwatchable to me, and the third one has a spectacular Finale, but is just waaaayyyy too much mayhem and nonsense leading up to it. The removal of moments of Anakin being a creeper is a mostly a good thing although they are good warnings of his descent into evil in the third piece. Pacing-wise, the movie goes by very quickly, as I stated this was my favorite of the three so I remember enjoying it in the theater as much as I did because it took it's time and gave me a sort of "vacation" in Star wars universe once again as the originals had done.

Otherwise fantastic edit , my Preferred edition .

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Owner's reply March 27, 2014

Thanks for the review! Very flattering that my versions are your preferred ones.

Yes, I *will* get to Episode III! I am really hoping I can get it done sometime this year.

Top 500 Reviewer 6 reviews
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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
Having thoroughly enjoyed Seciors Return of the Sith Revisited Edition, I thought I'd go on with his second. I was very encouraged by some of the reviews here that say that the love story is handled particularly well and that was a feature of RotS:RE.

Again, a short run time of 85 mins - can it be achieved? A BIG YES! I got something I wasn't quite expecting from Army of the Republic - to me, this film now feels like a sci-fi, wrapped around a love story. The editing of Ani/Padme is done so well...that it no longer feels uncomfortable and awkward. There are some cringe scenes that are left in, but because they are handled well it reinforces the love story!

It's a much simpler story and moves on quickly...there's nothing complicated in the other plot...I can only echo below comments about the nonsense Sifo-Dyas thing. It's a cool touch to have Dooku as Count Dooku all the way through and have him/Sidious appear at the start...

I did note a couple times where it seemed that the transition occurred quickly to cut off some dialogue that Seciors clearly didn't want - but it's nothing jarring. There are a couple scenes that I also still in- the younglings and that cafe scene, which others did away with by simply having the assassin say Kamino.

Anyway, again - really enjoyed it, I think Return of the Sith is more fun to be honest..I'm hopiing Seciors may have a stab at Episode 3.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
In my mind, there were two major problems with AotC – the dire love story and the confused Machiavellian plotting of the Sith. This edit successfully resolves both of these issues.

A number of romance scenes that I always hated (me and most editors!) are retained, but by removing the worst of the dialogue, no longer do I think those scenes are beyond saving. Instead, some clever editing (including the insertion of the under-rated deleted scenes with Padme’s family) has improved the love story tenfold.

The editing of the Clone army story is simple, but extremely effective. The ridiculous Sifo-Dyas plot point is removed. In this edit, it is clear that Count Dooku is the ex-Jedi behind the secret development of the Clone army. Also, the revised first scene establishes Dooku as the villain of the movie (in league with a mysterious master dark lord). The movie benefits greatly from this improved clarity of storytelling, whilst successfully retaining the mystery of the exact identity of Darth Sidious (thereby increasing the impact of his reveal in Episode III).

There is some very clever dialogue replacement - something I have never considered for this movie, but it is done with skill and works extremely well.

Technically, you get no complaints from me. The sound is crystal clear and I’m always blown away by how beautiful these movies look in HD. The transitions (audio and video) can sometimes be a little abrupt, but I understand this just comes with the territory when editing a Star Wars movie.

All-in-all, another success from one of my favourite fan editors. Well done, Seciors!

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Watched this two days ago, and I have to say, waiting a long time for this to come's a shame to say that I'm feeling a tad mixed.

Let me start with what I really liked about the edit: the love story. The scenes were arranged very well, and you managed to get across the idea of Anikan and Padme having a "morning after" scene better than L8twrtr, and given how great The Republic Divided is, that's saying something. The only thing about it that bugged me was placing the funeral scene before the garage scene, because we see Padme in her white dress, then her blue dress, and the next time we see her in her white dress again, and it's something I can't get past. Also, if you ever think of making a version 2, I recommend watching Slumberland's episode 2 edit and how he makes the lake kiss look like it's taking place at sunset, as that would help with the "morning after" vibe I think you were going for. Also, loved how you removed "we've got to get to that hanger," really worked out well.

For Obi-Wan's story, I really don't abject to the diner scene, as I'm a fan of the 1950s vibe, and I can somewhat get behind keeping the Yoda/younglings scene as it comes off less as Obi-Wan being clueless and more about him confirming his suspicions. The Jango/Obi-Wan conversation is also welll done, being able to remove any mentions of Tyrannus and Sifo-Diyas. However, I really felt that the first fight they have should've been cut down like how the Phantom Editor and L8twrtr did. That way when we get to the space battle it doesn't feel like the movie's dragging, which I honestly thought it was sadly.

Now some stuff I really didn't like. I hated how much of a novice Anikan came across as in the movie. He loses his lightsaber, misses his turn while in the car, and then get's his lightsaber smashed. If he's so attuned to the force that he can levitate a ball and free Padme, he should've at least seen the lightsaber stuff coming. The Anikan/Palpatine scene was also really missed, as it plays nicely into episode 3. And finally, cutting out the Obi-Wan/Dooku. I know how it kinda makes the Jedi look stupid for not taking Dooku's word, but let's be honest, they had it coming. They wouldn't believe that Dooku would take a hit out on Padme, I can believe that they don't pay his warnings lip service. It's just that that scene shows Christopher Lee at his finest, and removing that scene, imo, nullifies any attempt to try an put focus on Dooku, because I really enjoyed you're restructured opening. Also, I'm not sure if it was the choices you made with this edit or because I really like L8's take, but I didn't enjoy Yoda's lightsaber duel as much as I did.

I'm sorry if I seem negative, when there were some things in this edit that I really loved and should be incorporated into other edits and I do recommend it, but some there was too much that rubbed me the wrong way.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
"So here we go again, another ATOC edit," you may be thinking. But, no, this is most certainly an amazing version of the film, with a new spin. I was pleasently surprised to find that I did not just find the film not annoying or weak, I found it enjoyable and strong.

Audio/Video Quality- I was really amazed at the encoding quality. Even the mp4 looked almost identical to the original bluray! 10/10

Visual Editing- Nothing stood out to me, except for several cuts. I knew the cuts, so that's probably the reason they stood out 10/10

Audio Editing- Same quality as visual editing, but it seems a tad harder to work with the audio as everyone's familiar with the cues. 9/10

Narrative- Seciors' version is definately different then the other two good edits, Q2's and L8's. One major difference is Anakin's fall. His fall now begins in ATOC and is never influenced by the Chancelor (hope he can keep this for EP III). Another, is that the movie opens completely different, now utilizing the Dooku/ Palpatine scene. NOW, and this may sound like the other edits, the Anakin/Padme and Anakin/Obi Wan relationships are hugely improved. But what's difference is the ability to feel the relationships. I genuinely felt Anakin and Obi Wan were best friends with occasional hits at each other, "I hate it when he does that!". The Anakin and Padme relationship was even better as the romance waan't just believable but could be felt. The kissing scene was amazing here! Overall, Seciors' is better however there were certain times I would lean towards L8 or Q2. 10/10

Enjoyment- From a person, who can't stand the original (although I am a weirdo who actually likes C3PO in the Droid Factory), this version felt worthy of an OT movie. The only thing that held me back from giving a perfect score would be the sheer lack of length in the film. For the most part, there was nothing that could be done to retain the quality of the narative, however L8 and Q2 had some cuts that could have added more runtime. 9/10

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