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"So here we go again, another ATOC edit," you may be thinking. But, no, this is most certainly an amazing version of the film, with a new spin. I was pleasently surprised to find that I did not just find the film not annoying or weak, I found it enjoyable and strong.

Audio/Video Quality- I was really amazed at the encoding quality. Even the mp4 looked almost identical to the original bluray! 10/10

Visual Editing- Nothing stood out to me, except for several cuts. I knew the cuts, so that's probably the reason they stood out 10/10

Audio Editing- Same quality as visual editing, but it seems a tad harder to work with the audio as everyone's familiar with the cues. 9/10

Narrative- Seciors' version is definately different then the other two good edits, Q2's and L8's. One major difference is Anakin's fall. His fall now begins in ATOC and is never influenced by the Chancelor (hope he can keep this for EP III). Another, is that the movie opens completely different, now utilizing the Dooku/ Palpatine scene. NOW, and this may sound like the other edits, the Anakin/Padme and Anakin/Obi Wan relationships are hugely improved. But what's difference is the ability to feel the relationships. I genuinely felt Anakin and Obi Wan were best friends with occasional hits at each other, "I hate it when he does that!". The Anakin and Padme relationship was even better as the romance waan't just believable but could be felt. The kissing scene was amazing here! Overall, Seciors' is better however there were certain times I would lean towards L8 or Q2. 10/10

Enjoyment- From a person, who can't stand the original (although I am a weirdo who actually likes C3PO in the Droid Factory), this version felt worthy of an OT movie. The only thing that held me back from giving a perfect score would be the sheer lack of length in the film. For the most part, there was nothing that could be done to retain the quality of the narative, however L8 and Q2 had some cuts that could have added more runtime. 9/10

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