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(Updated: March 15, 2014)
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When I saw this edit the first thing that struck me was the quality. Let me put this straight, It was superb. I saw no flash frames, It was in chapters (Not sure how you did that but it made it look proffesional which I liked), and It was clean and in 1080p. I'm not sure about the audio editing but it seemed great to me.

But the actual edit is a slightly different story, I know you have tried to make this a better movie, and you have succeeded. The problem is is that it still is a bad movie. One thing you did well was giving it the same overall the same tone as the original 2 films, thats great the problem is that there is still bad dialouge, monotone main characters, and a lack of tension. I know you wanted to keep this a you know a normal movie length, but you could of added some deleted scenes to make up for the short length. The dialouge between Anakin and Padme is still awful, and you didn't think to change the Neimodians voices, or change Jar Jars voice to make him not racist and actually funny. The change of opening crawl is a solid thumbs up for me though, and the start of the movie did feel exiting to a degree and the Neimodians are kinda strategically clever this time round. So I thought it was Ok and an improvement from the original, but still not very good.

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