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It's a Hal 9000 edit, so you know the editing is going to be top-notch! I would absolutely recommend his edits to any Star Wars fan out there.
That being said:
9/10 for audio/visual quality since the integrated deleted scene stands out like a sore thumb despite benefitting the narrative overall.
10s for visual and audio editing. These edits have been nitpicked to death in the forums, so at this point, I assume any "editing" issues are part of the theatrical cut.
The Narrative gets a 9/10 despite the many ways in which it improves on the original. It loses a point for Jar Jar's presence being even less justified now that Gungan City is cut. Like any reasonable human, I despise the Jar Jar moments in TPM, but now viewers have less emotional investment with the Gungans when they inevitably join the story in act 3.
Finally, Enjoyment. The reality is that there is no saving this movie. I give it a 6/10 because I could barely get through it. When I told my wife that 23 minutes of the film's worst content was already cut from this edit, she was shocked. Qui-Gon, podracing, and Darth Maul are the only reasons I ever return to this movie.

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