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Adywan, you have given me back a highlight of my youth. Finally got around to watching this the other day and all I can say is bravo. When I was a kid, Star Wars was a magical experience but since the Special Editions came out, the films have lost some of their spark.
Star Wars Revisited is now the definitive version I will be watching from now on, it made me feel the way I did when the original first came out, the lightsaber fight, the Ties vs Falcon dogfight and most of all The Battle of Yarvin are exciting again. George Lucas take note, why, with all your resources and money, could you not have “fixed” your own film the way this “fan” has?
Adywan, I bow my head to you and I look forward to Empire Revisited, the shots you have released to date look amazing. Please say it is not far away.
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