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Tonight I had some of my friends over to watch the Adywan edit. A few of them have been paying attention to the previously released footage and were greatly looking forward to it. Here was the guest list:

- 2 Emmy winning visual effects supervisors
- 1 Production designer
- 1 Color timer
- 1 primetime TV writer
- 2 Star Wars writers (I cannot disclose what project they have worked on)

I took notes during the screening so I could report back everyone’s opinons. Here are what people thought, going from bad to mixed to good:


- Added screams of Rebel soliders getting shot in opening.
- The re-edited scene in Ben’s house. They recognized that it was reworked to the original script, but felt the changes made to the original were done for good reason.
- The first establishing shot the the Death Star. Too busy, the elements don’t match and the Star Destroyer is sliding across the screen.
- ALL music that has been added. Especially to the Lightsaber fight.
- The added effects to the torture probe needle. Just wasn’t neccessary.
- New lightsabers are too fat.
- The Falcon exiting hyperspace near Yavin.
- The big TIE fighter reveal

The items that got the most heated reactions were the Death Star establishing shot, the TIE shot and the added BG music.


- Redone yellow/red blaster fire. Some liked it, some felt it was too busy.
- Suns added to escape pod shot
- Second Death Star establisher. Much better than first one, but planet didn’t look quite right.
- New Death Star wireframes. It was executed well and does match the other films, but some felt it doesn’t match the look of A New Hope itself. Everyone liked the transition from the new wireframe to the original trench graphics.


- Muzzle flashes on guns
- Camera shake added when Blockade Runner is hit (and extra shake added to Falcon cockpit shots)
- Rotation outside window of escape pod
- Escape pod re-entry
- Changes made to opening of Mos Eisley (thank god the dumb humor is gone)
- The floating droids are gone
- Cantina sequence
- Greedo scene
- Escape from Mos Eisley
- Alderan moving into place through Death Star viewscreen
- All shots of moving stars through Falcon cockpit
- Seeing more asteroid remains of Alderan (although some questioned whether a belt could have formed already)
- Vader’s hand no longer moves, pointing at Tarkin
- TIE attack on Falcon escaping Death Star
- Falcon now flying in Hyperspace during Han/Leia Han/Luke conversations (this was very clever, they also noticed and liked the blue tint)
- Color corrected helmets
- The X-wing gear-up and move towards us
- Background ships added to battle
- Having Yavin in the background of battle
- The beam firing as the Death Star Explodes
- No more shockwave!
- Fixed the shadow on Vader’s TIE as it spins away

MOST favorite moments: Cantina & Death Star Escape

No one commented on the desaturation of the Death Star corridors, but people felt a food court and mall stores should be added in the distance during the “waiting for the elevator” shot
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August 28, 2016
If two of your guests did write parts of the "Star Wars" saga, I'd think they'd be a little more tolerant of what this guy did by himself. To those writers, "I find your lack of faith disturbing."
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