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Star Wars - Episode I: Attack of the Federation
June 25, 2012    
(Updated: September 10, 2012)
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Review by TV's Frink — April 3, 2010 @ 11:54 pm

This edit is easily my favorite of EP 1. The video, audio, and editing quality are all top notch. The big changes, such as obscuring the identity of Sidious, removing the battle droid dialogue, deleting the underwater sub sequences, changing the introduction of Anakin to Qui-Gon, and removing the podrace announcers all work great. But it’s the little changes that really made me smile.

Removing Nute’s double “what” at the beginning of the film. Changing Jar Jar’s line from “help would be hot” to “help would be nice.” Removing Padme’s strange “we are brave, your highness” line in the hangar. Changing Wald’s line to Greedo after his fight with Anakin, foreshadowing Greedo’s fate. Getting rid of Anakin’s double “very, very dangerous.” Cutting Wald and Kitster failing badly on a high five at the end of the podrace. Getting rid of Anakin’s weird “Wait, sir, I’m tired” line before Maul attacks. Removing the stupid looking/acting aliens in the Senate (especially the E.T.’s), Losing Obi-Wan’s silly “there’s an even bigger danger” line when they are planning the final attack. Deleting Padme’s nonsensical “they win this round” line.

I have seen many of these changes in one or two edits, but no one has hit such a high percentage of the removals I wanted in one edit. And a few (such as the Senate changes) I don’t recall seeing done by anyone else.

This was so close to perfect, though I had a few minor complaints, mostly involving a few additional Jar-Jar and Anakin lines I would have liked to see deleted, as well as some of the Jar-Jar action in the final battle. But overall, this is a fantastic edit, and the one I always recommend (or give) to others.


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