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So, This is my first review here so go easy on me ;) I was excited to dive into this Fan Edit Scene that I had heard about. My first experience with edits was Harmy's Despecialized and like many it is my go-to for SW.

Anyway, SUG… I came in with absolutely NO expectations. I am very spoiler-adverse and so I did not read the changes break-down, read the overview in detail or watch the trailers before watching the film. I’m a fan of Unbreakable and I liked Split and Glass just fine. I have watched Unbreakable a number of times (was a favourite for a long time) but the other two just once each fully (re-watched in short bits).

First… it is still a long sit. That is not criticism though because I can’t think of anything that felt unneeded. I will be recommending this to friends.

With the opening credits I settled in as I realized just with that this was gonna be something interesting. Before the end of the first act my brain had stopped trying to figure out where we were in the time line and predicting where it was going to go. I don’t think of myself as having any right to be a critic but I’ll just say how this thing made me feel. If I was not aware of the source, I would certainly believe that this was planned to be released this way from the beginning. It felt that Wraith had everything they needed to build a very cohesive and interesting arc… non-linear without ever leaving the viewer lost in time. The final Pay-Off felt complete. There is no assumption that the viewer is stupid and needs spoon feeding. The ending of Glass did not make me feel like I needed to know more about Ellie Staple and her organization, but the ending here did! I don’t need Happy Ever After and was very satisfied with where Wraith decided to leave things… 10s across the board for My Taste, and My movie-watching space.

Well, that’s just my opinion, I may be wrong. I don’t believe this edit will replace the source trilogy, but it sure deserves it’s place in my library right along side of it. (in fact, that has made me consider a full Eastrail re-watch in the near future). I recommend watching this WITHOUT refreshing yourself with the source. I think Wraith did a real service here, (and they also seem like a Kind person as They've been helpful and welcoming to me as a newbie here)

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December 11, 2022
That is one of the most thoughtful, well articulated reviews that I've read. I look forward to reading your reviews of other edits in the future. Make sure that you watch UGS!
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