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After much hype, and after going through the trouble of owning M. Night Shyamalan's "trilogy," and finding three and a half hours to spare, I finally had the pleasure of watching what is unofficially becoming one of the best fanedits out there. I'm not sure if this edit lived up to the hype I had, but there's no denying how ambitious this edit was.

My issues are mostly minor technical ones. An occasional technical glitch in the audio might occur. A couple of visual transitions felt off. And there is one scene that occurs in the first hour or half hour that I think could've been left out, but I can't remember which scene it was (hey, it was 3 1/2 hours after all. I can't remember every scene after 160 minutes). I also kinda wished the explanation at the end for how Elijah got the footage sent out wasn't cut, but I'm also reluctant to make that criticism, as the editing for the final scene was so good that I think adding the explanation back in would affect that moment for the worse.

A lot of those nitpicks aside, I still loved this edit. And regardless of what my feelings for the edit were, I still have to place a lot of emphasis on the word, "ambition." Because I can't think of another fanedit out there with this much of it. Not only in its non-linear narrative, but in how the three movies are put together. The way the film goes back and forth between Unbreakable and Split for the first half, only to wind up with most of Glass for the second half. The way the edit sets up all three characters, only to bring them all together into the asylum. The way the setup for this edit fixes up most of the problems with the last film. Whether it's my favorite fanedit or not, I'm taking notes from it.

Split Unbreakable Glass is a highly motivated little edit that should be required viewing for anyone who wants to try their hands at being a faneditor. Highly recommended, especially for the more academic among us.

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