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The title itself is genius and poses some interesting questions such as how is one able to split glass if it’s unbreakable and if one can split glass how does one go about doing so without breaking said glass? well to answer the questions I just posed I believe it to be a case of samurai like precision where the blade splits the glass and they all fall into place with said shards forming a complete and unbreakable jigsaw puzzle with each shard representing a narrative thread that interconnects with one another creating the glass sphere of perfect cohesion that is Wraith’s Split Unbreakable Glass.

What amazes me is that despite the release date and development gap between movies there is a clear overarching vision throughout a vision that Wraith has managed to bring further to the surface through his non linear narrative structure although despite the term non linear I was able to understand the narrative as if it were a linear structure but that is not a criticism but rather praise towards the construction and foundation of such forward thinking levels of plot progression and escalation.

Speaking of escalation the level of animation quality from Wraith that has been inputed into the opening and ending credits is truly a work of art and a display of masterful editing that could very well be in an official movie and fits alongside the rest of the credits seamlessly just as the transitions used throughout seamlessly bridge the edges of the fine narrative shards from one scene to another and resonate perfectly with both the atmosphere and pacing of Wraith’s take on M. Night Shyamalan’s Eastrail Trilogy.

I could go into detail about my favourite narrative and musical choices along with my favourite characters but I feel that if I did that it would spoil far to much of the movie and I find it’s best to experience this blind first even if you may not have seen The Eastrail Trilogy in quite some time as such this is where my review concludes, happy viewing and well done Wraith I am very impressed.

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Owner's reply April 24, 2022

I'm truly taken aback by your eloquent and beautiful analogy in your review. Thank you so much for sharing those insightful observations AND managing to do so without spilers to boot!.

Greatly Appreciated

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