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This is an incredibly ambitious fan-edit that combines M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable, Split and Glass into the 3.5 hour epic that is Split Unbreakable Glass. Wraith has managed to craft a singular, cohesive story that combines the narratives of the three films with spectacular use of flashbacks to keep twist reveals from the audience until the right time.
I love Unbreakable and was floored by Split when I saw it in theaters. I had been excited for a sequel to Unbreakable for almost 20 years, but was very disappointed by Glass. I only own glass because I got all three in a bluray set, but I've not seen it since the first time in theaters. This edit has given me a much greater appreciation for Glass and the story M Night was trying to tell. Breaking the story into chapters makes it much more digestible, so you really don't feel the over 3 hour run time. The use of flashbacks allowed for more focused story beats and managed to provide plenty of surprises for someone who has seen the films before. This combined epic really rectifies the issues I had with Glass. However, I think the ending is cut a bit short here. The final reveal still doesn't quite work for me, however that is mostly due to Dr Ellie Staple being a poorly written character (something I don't think can be saved in any edits).

A couple of audio transitions that were noticeable, but overall this is truly an epic.

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Owner's reply January 09, 2022

Thank you so much for those comments. I'm especially pleased that Glass has had some redemption for you. Let me add, that this edit may not be the final word as far as Glass is concerned.

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