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Spider-Man 3: Redemption by Badscooter
August 14, 2012    
(Updated: September 15, 2012)
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Review by bionicbob — October 9, 2010 @ 1:56 am

Anyone willing to attempt to edit SPIDER-MAN 3 gets big points from me right from the get go!
Spider-Man 1 was an average super-hero movie that suffered many of common ailments of an origin movie.
While Spider-Man 2 raised the bar of super-hero movie excellence to new, blinding heights!!!
And then there is Spider-Man 3…..

Oy Vey! What a mess!!!

Moments of greatest drowing in a CGI pool of conflicting villians and storylines.

Won’t repeat what most of the other reviewers have already mentioned.
Badscooter has made many excellent editing decisions, re-crafting the narration back to Peter and Harry where it belongs
and removing some of the offensive elements from the original storyline (removing Sandman as Uncle Ben’s killer—THANK YOU!!!).
Unfortunately MJ still comes across as weak and whiney, a complete departure from her character in the previous two films. I miss the old MJ…. “sniff”…
But Sandman and Venom are handled very well by Badscooter, though I wished they could have been trimmed back even more but I know that would have been close to impossible when one considered how closely intertwined their arcs become by the final act.

The audio sounded very good. A few dips during scene transitions but nothing significant or distracting.

The vast majority of cuts are clean and flow very smoothly. The only exception for me was the whole Jazz Club/Fever scene. It clearly felt edited and choppy to me.

Overall, this version of Spider-Man 3 is very entertaining, and the new narration is far superior to the original.
Definitely deserving of it’s FAN EDIT OF MONTH award! BRAVO!

Final Overall score, I would give it a very solid 8/10 and would recommend to any Spidey fan!

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