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Review by STANKPAC — September 11, 2010 @ 9:18 am

I went in with very low expectations and after watching this fan-edit, I’m still left with that same blank expression on my face after watching this turd in the theatres…”What the crap did I just watch!” Now did Badscooter do a pretty good job with the source material he had available….I would say it is a little bit more bearable to watch than the original. Does this fan-edit turn this movie into a good movie…uhhh no! The problem is the story just isn’t good, way too many antagonists in the film, and the overuse of CGI is just autrocious (e.g. Sandman at the end. Nice job getting your inspiration from Mummy Returns.Yikes!). You basically go from 2 very strong movies to this studio cash cow, with a director that got a little lazy sitting back on his laurels and filming this very poor entry in the Spiderman franchise. Shame on you Raimi for not fighting even harder to not put Venom in this movie. Venom’s story should have been saved for 2 back to back sequels, and let the Sandman story room to breath. Just really bad storytelling overall.

Video: Overall it was good, but quite a bit of digital compression. Some scenes lacked certain detail and suffered from that.
8 out of 10 stars

Audio: This faired a bit better and not that many “hard” cuts that could be heard. Except for one scene at the beginning after the title credits. A bit of harsh audio fade/transition there.
9 out of 10 stars

Editing: With all the stuff taken out to move the story along, it just goes to show how shallow this movie’s story and plot are. The cuts were good for the most part (e.g. Gwen Stacey not being a model, disco Pete, Harry’s butler telling him about his father’s death, Spiderman with the U.S. flag waving behind him, Mary Jane singing, Sandman not being Uncle Ben’s killer, etc.), except for the beginning scene going straight from day to nightime with them on the web looking up at the stars. That is a very weird jump cut and looked out of place. I really wish Sandman would have died in the sewer, and then you could have taken out the whole sand monster at the end.
8 out of 10 stars

Entertainment: You came in with very good intentions to polish this turd to your liking, but I along with many others came away still disappointed. I just can’t stand to watch this movie anymore. It’s almost like I had a sense of deja’vu and was still perplexed at what I just watched. Creepy!
6 out of 10 stars

Final Score: 7 out of 10 stars

No matter what is done to this film, I won’t be giving this film any more repeat viewings. The studio went for the quick return on their investment, ala X-men:The Last Stand, and didn’t care if they turned out a good product. Why do you think that Sony won’t sell the Spiderman films individually on Blu-ray? That’s because they know the third entry in their precious franchise was a turd and they are forcing the consumer to buy them all together. Coincidence….I think not!
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