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As far as the editing goes, it is seamless here. I didn't notice anything jarring or strange.

As for the movie. This edit drastically improves Spider-Man 3 for me. If I watch it in the future, I will be watching this version. The characters and their motivations are all strengthened here. The more cringey elements are gone. Sandman's absurd connection to Peter is completely removed. The only thing no edit can fix unfortunately is the fact that Venom is included in this movie. It should've been just Sandman and the black suit. Sandman's character should've been bolstered a little more (without shoehorning it into Peter's origin story). But again, this edit can only work with what's available.

Despite the things I wish weren't in this movie even after so much is stripped away, this edit does increase my rating by a lot. The original I would give a 6/10. There are definitely good things in there, and the first 45 minutes are just as good as the movies that came before (and that beginning largely remains intact in this edit). But this edit I would give a solid 8/10. I actually enjoyed watching this one and didn't feel disappointed by the end.

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