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Very well done edit. This is a great example of how removing a few minutes can really improve a film. I thought Spectre was okay. I think Craig has really come into his own and I enjoyed a lot of the performances around him. Monica Belluci crushes it as usual. Bond plots are often needlessly winding but Spectre was overly so. I didn't like the familial connections at all (looking forward to Declassified!) and there were more than a few lines that had me cringing (e.g. life insurance, meteorite, author of all your pain).

Thankfully, Aztek cleans up pretty much all the worst bits and it makes quite a difference. There are still elements that don't work for me but taking away some of the worst lines and moments (looking at you, old man) makes the rest not bother me that much.

A/V Quality - 10/10 - Looked great, no complaints at all
Visual Editing - 9/10 - Very well done, pretty much seamless throughout. Only exception is when Bond talks to Moneypenny it cuts from their conversation to Bond watching her through the window as she leaves. He jumps position since a bit of dialogue was cut. I think it would probably be better just to cut from the word "instinct" to the next scene and skip that bit.
Audio Editing - 10/10 - Sounded great, didn't notice any cuts. Plus the theme song is a million times better than the original IMO. I talked about this in the thread but must reiterate that it is a great choice.
Narrative - 9/10 - The removal of the 00 program ending was a smart one. It makes an overly convoluted plot less so. Also clever removal of a couple lines that tell us things that we see soon anyway (L'American).
Enjoyment - 8/10 - Great job, I can't go higher because of issues with the film itself but you have taken it from a 6.5 to an 8 for me. I look forward to seeing your more radical cut!
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